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Why Justin Bieber Cancelled his Tour, and What He Plans on Doing Next

It’s a good thing he’s used to saying “Sorry,” because with a simple Facebook post Justin Bieber just broke the hearts of millions.


And so, July 24, 2017 will now and forever be marked as a sad day for Beliebers (and for Purpose World Tour ticket holders)—particularly those in Toronto, Texas and across Asia, where Bieber was set to finish his 22-month tour with 14 more shows.

Aside from saying the circumstances were “unforeseen,” the press release provides no details about why the 23-year-old Canadian pop star has prematurely ended his tour. Details about what these circumstances are will likely come to surface over the next few days. In the meantime, we’ll speculate. Here are three reasons why we think Bieber might be letting fans down and cancelling his tour.

Is he afraid?

In the wake of the terror attack at Ariana Grande’s Manchester concert, fans began begging Justin Bieber to cancel his tour dates for safety’s sake. “Cancel Justin’s concert in the UK, please! We want him to be safe, please,” @marhrukhh wrote on the Instagram account of Bieber’s manager, Scooter Braun. Perhaps the concerns have gotten to the pop star’s head.

Is he angry?

Last week, the Bureau of Culture in Beijing released a memo that Bieber was was not welcome to perform in China because he was too “controversial.” Is the “Purpose” singer sad that his bad behaviour is following him on the road? I can imagine it would be annoying to be told you weren’t appropriate for an entire country. Articles that list places you can visit to avoid Bieber (*cough* like ours,) might make you say, “I give up!”

Is he tired?

This seems to be the most likely of “unforeseen circumstances.” Bieber has been touring for 18 months, which is a lot to handle—even for a 23-year-old. If Bieber is cancelling the show for health reasons, fans should be understanding.

UPDATE: Justin Bieber told TMZ that everything is fine, he’s just been on tour for the past two years and now he’s looking forward to “just resting and getting some relaxation.” As for what next? The pop said: “We’re going to ride some bikes.” Some might say the decision to drop his commitments just to “chill-out” is selfish, but fans (and celebs!) are reaching out to Justin on social media with an outpour of support.

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