Who okay-ed this? Egypt’s Olympic uniforms are Nike and Adidas knockoffs!

Photography by flo and me/Flickr
Photography by flo and me/Flickr

If you thought Ralph Lauren’s made-in-China garments for the U.S. team’s Olympic Opening Ceremony outfits were scandalous, then brace yourself for something even worse: Egypt has admitted that they not only outsourced the outfits for their 112-person Olympic team, but that the China-made products are knockoffs.

The Associated Press spoke with Gen. Mahmoud Ahmed Ali over the phone, who told them the Egyptian Olympic committee decided to sign a deal with a “Chinese distributor in light of Egypt’s economic situation.” Unfortunately for the committee, not even their athletes are getting behind their decision to pinch pennies. Egyptian synchronized swimmer Yomna Khallaf, who tweeted that she had to pay over $300 out of her own pocket “to have proper stuff to wear,” said the team’s bags have Nike logos on the front but Adidas zippers; in other words, they’re not even half-decent knockoffs. Nike is obviously not pleased with the whole situation, and said in an email statement that they have tried to contact the committee “to see if a solution can be reached.”

Obviously, for a country going through an economic crisis, the financial weight of the Olympics can be especially heavy, but what better time is there to show resilience than at the Olympics?

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