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7 Spots to See a Royal in London

We're following Meghan Markle across the pond!

With so many royal festivities on the horizon, London is awash in an excited sense of celebration. Along with all the hullabaloo that comes part and parcel with welcoming a new baby and planning an opulent wedding, it seems as if the young royals (and soon-to-be royal) have been out and about at a rate that is higher than normal. What this means is that we normals have a better chance at spotting Will, Kate, Harry or Meghan than ever before…you know, since our invitation to the wedding probably got lost in the mail.

Here are seven spots in London where an IRL royal sighting are your best bets:

Nails & Brows Mayfair

As a bride-to-be (and not to mention possibly the most photographed person on the planet at the moment) Meghan’s grooming regime is probably down to a science. This boutique salon is a favourite of hers where she can indulge in the Full Audrey Treatment that includes waxing, tweezing and threading. Make an appointment (like yesterday) or pop by for a chance to see those perfect brows in person.

The Rubens at the Palace

Located right across from Buckingham Palace, The Rubens Hotel is the next best thing to dining with the Queen herself. Since tea time is revered in London, why not indulge in the best tea service in the city? Serving delicious options and a cake that is said to be a favourite of Princes William and Harry’s, The Rubens allows you to casually royal-watch from behind an elegant tea cup. Let’s call it having your cake and eating it, too.


Yes, this is a children’s store, but hear us out. This luxury shop is a favourite of Kate’s, the Duchess of Cambridge has picked out a few things for Charlotte and George herself. So, it stands to reason that a quick shop could get you a glance at her, William or even Harry and Meghan picking up a gift for the soon-to-be-born royal baby. Whether you work up the courage to ask for recommendations or not is up to you.

Trafalgar’s London Explorer Guided Vacation

If you’re heading to London, you might as well do it on a trip that will lead you directly to the best neighborhoods in the city. Trafalgar’s exuberant 7-night holiday takes guests to visit Kensington Palace, a royal residence steeped in history; once home to Queen Victoria, the Palace is running an exhibition celebrating the style of Princess Diana through a collection of extraordinary garments. Oh, and Kensington Palace is currently home to both of the young royal couples. NBD.


No matter what Kate or Meghan wear, it’s a guarantee that the item(s) in question will sell out immediately if not quicker. So, why not beat the hordes of style-watchers to the punch? Annoushka is a high-end jewellery store in Cadogan Gardens where Kate’s beloved pearl drop earrings were designed. It’s possible that at this very moment, they’re designed jewellery to be worn at the wedding of Meghan and Harry, by Kate or the bride herself! Stop in to browse or to innocently inquire about new pieces and you might just catch a Duchess picking up her order.

KX Private Members Health Club

Since Prince Harry is already a member, we can only assume that he would have been able to get Meghan in with minimal effort – and probably because of the whole Prince thing. If you don’t have your own royal fiancé to nab you a membership, not to worry, the spa is open to non-members! It might be awkward to run into Meghan in the steam room so, we advise putting on your cutest leggings, strapping on a mat and mill around the front door, coffee in hand, as if you’re just about to go into a class. Hey, we didn’t say this would always be dignified.

Luxury Gold’s British Royale Chairman’s Collection Itinerary

Despite knowing the spots that royals frequent, there’s always a chance that you might miss a sighting, despite all best intentions. Luckily, while on Luxury Gold’s specific British Royale departures that include the Chairman’s Collection itinerary, guests are guaranteed to be in the presence of a real-life member of the royal family. A visit to the magnificent Alnwick Castle includes a guided walk through the stunning gardens led by Her Grace the Duchess of Northumberland. If asked nicely, she might even have a few Royal Family tidbits to share.

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