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People Are Leaving Haute Couture, Gold Teeth & Underwear in Their Ubers

What's the strangest thing you've forgotten in the backseat?

I’m one of those people who loses stuff. A lot. In the past six months alone, four reusable water bottles (left in movie theatres, airplanes, workout classes) seven pairs of headphones (including a two-week-old set of AirPods), my phone (I use the “Find My Device” app weekly) and my purse (which contained the keys to a car that was illegally parked) have mysteriously vanished from my possession. Thankfully, with the help of kind, karma-entrusting citizens, most of these items have been returned. And there’s someone else I should probably thank: Uber’s Lost and Found Policy.

Uber has just released their third annual Lost & Found Index, sharing the strangest stats they’ve collected about items left behind by riders. They list the top ten most commonly lost items, which predictably includes phones, cameras, wallets, bags, headphones and glasses. They also, however, reveal the most forgetful Canadian city (it’s Lethbridge, AB), disclose which items peak on certain days (cakes go missing on Sundays) and publicize the outrageous personal possessions lost in the backseat of an Uber. It seems whoever compiles this report has a very entertaining job.

Here are the most interesting items from the list:

  • Chanel brooch
  • Gold teeth
  • Poutine
  • Versace bathrobe
  • Black whip
  • Gold Louis Vuitton heels
  • Homework
  • Spanx
  • Red camo Supreme headband
  • Rolex watch
  • Top half of a giraffe costume
  • Glass eyes
  • Gucci belt
  • Fake Gucci belt
  • Shower curtain pole
  • Burberry earmuffs
  • Graduation certificate
  • Wedding cards
  • Dentures
  • Asthma pump

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