Photography by David Buchan/Getty Images

Watch Emma Watson Play the Ultimate Hidden Camera Prank

It's a nod to The Bachelor's Corinne and Raquel.

Emma Watson is a class act. From her early days playing Hermione Granger to becoming a UN Women Goodwill Ambassador, Watson is a fierce and intelligent female that we all can look up to.

But between turning beasts into princes and reshaping our understanding of feminism, she might need a little support. Right?

Ellen Degeneres couldn’t agree more. This, we assume, is why she had Watson interview a prospective nanny to help with her snack making, boo-boo healing and secret keeping. You know, the kind of things we could all use a little help with. Watson clearly specifies, however, that she does NOT need a nanny to help her go potty.

With Ellen in her ear telling her exactly what to say, Watson pulls off one of the talk shows best hidden camera pranks to date. It’s a truly heartwarming tribute to Corinne from The Bachelor—and to her cheese pasta-making nanny, Raquel.

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