Mortification central! What 7 of our editors looked like on prom night

Prom Paige Dzenis

Prom Paige Dzenis

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Oh, prom. That all-important day in many a young lady’s life that comes and goes with many awkward photos to document. We all aspire to be gazelles, but most of end up looking all too earthly too forget. Ill-placed bows, unflattering chiffon cuts, forehead framing ringlets… y’all know what we’re talking about. Prom.

Since we’re big into making prom as awesomely fashionable as possible for our youngest readers, we decided to throw our own prom looks into the ring as both cautionary tales and endearing looks back as what we looked like back on our respective big nights out.

Take a peek at what some of FASHION’s editors looked like on prom night!

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