Video: Little Miss Sunshine Abigal Breslin sings at Janie Jones party at Horseshoe Tavern

After trolling through the Yorkville and King West neighbourhoods, it was a delightful refresher to attend a party at a venue I actually enjoy. Last night at the Horseshoe Tavern, the folks from the film Janie Jones had themselves a little soiree, where cast member Abigail Breslin even got up on stage. Breslin, whom you may immediately recognize as the adorable wannabe Little Miss Sunshine (yes! she does have a name.), gave a very sweet performance. It was her first time singing in front of an audience, she told us. Though she’s now 14, I’m not sure if I was disappointed or relieved that her performance wasn’t to “Superfreak,” and that Toni Collette, Greg Kinnear and Steve Carell didn’t get on stage with her, though she did do an encore with Gemma Hayes. Apparently Harvey Weinstein was there too, yelling “quiet!” when it was time for Breslin to do her thing. I didn’t catch a glimpse of him, though the film heavyweight doesn’t seem like he’d have been hard to miss….

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