Episode 9: Vegas, Baby

In her opening voiceover, Lauren informs us that after last week’s Jason/Katja debacle, she needs to get away for a while, and so is flying to Vegas to surprise Brody for his birthday.

Hillside Villas. “Did you get Brody anything?” Audrina asks. “We’re flying to Vegas. We have to get him a present, too?” Lauren incredulously replies. Someone places a high value on her own company! To be fair, though, the girls are bringing Justin Bobby along, and we all know that a weekend with J.B. is better than any present.

Heidi and Spencer’s. “So, are you looking forward to our anniversary on Saturday?” Spencer asks. “I am so excited,” Heidi replies, almost sarcastically. “We have our spa day… massages, facials… and then, best of all, we’re having dinner at our anniversary spot,” Spencer enthuses. I feel like I’ve been unwittingly plunged into one of those teen movies where the guy and girl switch bodies. Spencer toasts to the best year of his life. “I can’t believe it’s been a year,” he says. Dude, we’re all right there with you.

Lauren, Audrina, Lo, and some girl named Jill meet up with Justin Bobby at the airport. Although the girls try to be friendly with J.B., he’s having none of it, refusing to acknowledge anyone but Audrina. Lo decides this is because she once called him Justin Bobby to his face. Shame on you, Lo! His name is Justin. Geez.

The girls (and Justin) surprise Brody, Frankie and some guy named Taylor at Brody’s suite at the Palms. Cue copious hugging, girlish squealing (mostly coming from Justin… I kid, I kid) and drinking.

Bolthouse. Elodie lets slip to executive assistant Michelle that since she can no longer stand Heidi, she’s given notice and this is her last day at Bolthouse. She should probably stick around, though, because we’re talking about Heidi, here–a girl who thinks it’s appropriate to inform her boss that she would rather attend an anniversary dinner than work the frickin’ Emmys. How long can someone like that last? Heidi promises to find someone to cover the event for her… and of course she asks Elodie, because Heidi is a genius. “Anything for you,” Elodie says sweetly, managing to hold in her smirk until Heidi has turned away.

Back in Vegas, Lo is still obsessing over the fact that Justin won’t speak to her. She proposes a contest for the girls: Whoever makes him smile first wins. She and Jill buy him a shot at the bar, but all he does is stick out his tongue. Well, that’s… close?

Frankie has decided to play matchmaker, cornering Lauren and Brody separately and telling them they’re perfect for each other and should give their relationship another shot. Both parties protest, but by the time the group makes it to Pure Nightclub, they’re sharing a birthday kiss. Showing them up in the tongue-wrestling competition, however, are Lo and Frankie himself!

The post-bar discussion isn’t nearly as much fun–Lo’s finally had enough of Justin not speaking to her and confronts Audrina about it. As usual when drunken friends decide to attempt a serious conversation, this only results in misunderstanding and frustration. “You know what?” Audrina finally says, trying not to cry, “I’m done. I know you guys don’t like Justin; I get it.”

Meanwhile, Spencer and Heidi are enjoying their anniversary dinner when Heidi’s phone starts to ring. “They say it’s rude to answer the phone on anniversary dinners,” Spencer chides, but Heidi ignores him completely and takes the call. It’s Michelle on the line. “I’m down here, and this is a mess,” she says. Elodie never showed, of course, and no one’s working the event. Karma’s a bitch, isn’t it, Heidi? Heidi promises to get there as soon as she can and hangs up. “I love you,” she tells Spencer conciliatorily. “No, you don’t,” he growls.

Lauren and Brody cuddle at the Palms and talk about Audrina and Justin. Brody lets Lauren know that Justin has a little problem with Lo (and it is indeed because she called him Justin Bobby), but not with anyone else, and refuses to get in the middle. He distracts Lauren with another kiss.

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