Episode 21: An unexpected friend

We open in Lauren’s computer class at the Fashion Institute of Design & Merchandising. Her instructor is calling the roll. "Lauren? Hey, Lauren. Daniella, her last name is Usher? Hi. Stephanie Pratt?" Lauren’s eyes widen as Spencer’s sister makes a fashionably late entrance and takes a seat only two down from hers. "The first day, it’s difficult for some people," the instructor says. Lady, you don’t know how right you are.

People’s Revolution, New York. "Is Whitney here yet? What is she doing, standing in the hallway?" Kelly Cutrone asks. "Can you bring her in? Because I have to go." She quickly gives Whitney the rundown: She’ll be working with Sass & Bide, whose show will be in the main tent the next day. "Normally, when people start, we like to give them all the rules, which come in this book here," she says. "We don’t have time for that today." Instead, Whitney gets to run a fitting, but not before learning that she should be wearing black, not the blue/grey sweater she’s currently sporting. "You willing to do whatever it takes?" Cutrone asks. Whitney says yes. "I hope so," Cutrone replies. She quickly introduces Whitney to the designers, tells her she should expect her workday to extend until 3 a.m., and then rushes off to a meeting. It’s so sweet of her to make sure that Whitney’s comfortable and prepared on her first day! Working with Lisa Love has primed Whitney for this world, though, and it doesn’t take long for her to impress the designers with her suggestions on how best to showcase their clothes on the runway models.

Hillside Villas. Lauren waves her arms around and rants about Steph as Audrina watches, amused. "I’m sorry, but it’s kind of funny. It’s just really, really random that she would be in your class," Audrina says. Yes, Audrina, I’m sure that was a total coincidence!

FIDM. Steph approaches Lauren, stares her in the face…and apologizes for yelling at her the first time they met. "[Spencer’s] a jerk sometimes. If anyone knows, I know," Steph says. "I’m really sorry." Lauren accepts her apology, and the girls smile shyly at each other.

Sass & Bide fashion show. Kelly Cutrone comes to check on Whitney. "Did she know what she was doing [last night]?" she asks the designer, right in front of Whitney. Luckily, Whitney did, and she pulls off her show duties without a hitch, too, beaming as the audience applauds. "All right, bitches!" Cutrone says gleefully, giving Whitney a high five and a hug. "I’m proud of you," she tells her.

"I’m doing so bad in this class. It’s so hard. I hate computers," Steph complains to Heidi. Good move joining a computer class! Heidi wants to discuss Lauren, not academics. "You guys should, like, pass notes and become friends," she jokes, but her smile quickly turns upside down when Steph hints that this might not be completely out of the question.

Audrina and Lo aren’t feeling the Steph love, either. "Just keep your guard up," Audrina says. "Don’t put yourself in any vulnerable position," Lo adds. "What’s the girl gonna do to me, you know?" Lauren replies. She shrugs, and her friends exchange worried glances. Unlike Lauren, they’ve actually seen this show before.

No one, however, is more annoyed by this possible new friendship than Spencer. Unfortunately, pouting and passive-aggressive remarks don’t work as well on his sister as they did on his girlfriend. "You’re so lame. You’re so homeless and so lame," Steph teases. "Loser Spencer." She promises to always be there for him, though. "Number one, I am your sister."

Steph has apparently extended the definition of "being there for your sibling" to encompass "engaging in secret lunch dates with his mortal enemy." She and Lauren enjoy a meal and joke about Spencer and Heidi. "Wait, are you even allowed to talk to me?" Lauren asks. "It’ll be like, we’re doing homework or something," Steph replies. "For a computer class?" Lauren says, and the girls laugh. "When they do find out, it’s not going to be pretty," Steph says, and her eyes positively sparkle with glee. This will be interesting!

Shown: The Hills Audrina Patridge, Lauren Conrad and Whitney Port. MTV.ca

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