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Our Favourite Twitter Reactions to Charlie Puth’s “Attention” Music Video

"@bellathorne welcome to your tape"

We’re on Charlie Puth watch here in the office (seriously). It’s been a mere three days since he dropped the audio for his catchy new single “Attention” (which has its own Snapchat filter, BTW), and he’s already back with the music video.

If we’re being completely honest, it’s a little super OTT. The video follows a rather emo Puth singing about a former flame. There’s a lot of slow-mo yelling, dramatic head-in-hands action and vase-throwing. To say that it’s extra is an understatement. On a side note, there’s also a scene in which he brings a Lavazza-branded mug to his lips, which has us wondering whether he’s a partner with the Italian coffee brand. (The company’s logo also made an appearance in his “We Don’t Talk Anymore” video.)

Since the track dropped last week, fans have been speculating whether the lyrics are referring to actress Bella Thorne, with whom he was romantically-linked to late last year. This user even threw some shade, 13 Reasons Why style:

As for the music video, here are some of our favourite reactions:

In what appears to be a rebranding of sorts (or so, that’s what I’ve been calling it), Puth recently wiped his Instagram clean of old posts and has since been pumping out content in promotion of his new music. He also chopped off his lovely hair (which we miss immensely).

All of that aside, we’re super pumped for the new-and-improved Charlie Puth. The 25-year-old singer/songwriter/musician will be joining Shawn Mendes on the North American leg of the latter’s Illuminate World Tour this summer, and we can’t wait.

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