True Blood recap: We take wardrobe cues from Sookie and Hoyt’s heartbreak attire, Tara’s prisoner garb and Arlene’s intervention wrap

Last week, Jessica and Hoyt called it quits and Jason and Jessica got it on, Tommy took a beating for Sam, and the Festival of Tolerance was being ruined by a royal assassination attempt by an Antonia-controlled Eric.

Where’s my giftbag?
-The festival fray is still in full havoc as Antonia orders her vamp slaves to kill the King and Sookie makes her way to the stage to prevent Eric from killing Bill.
-There’s some back and forth as both Bill and Eric trade off on who gets the upper hand, while Nan Flan does damage control/kills stray bewitched vamps.
-Before Eric can kill Bill, Sookie uses her fairy powers and zaps him, causing his memories to come flooding back: His living days as a Viking, his first time meeting Sookie, his beef with Russell, and his amnesia days with Sooks.
-Sookie and Eric stare at each other with a mix of uncertainty and emotion, soap opera–style.
-Antonia realizes her spell over Eric is broken and looks sadly at all the hurt festival-goers crying amongst the 1-800-Got-Dentist and Blackberry booths, then splits.
-Bill spares Eric when he realizes he’s his old self and goes to help Nan Flan with damage control.
-Eric and Sookie look meaningfully at each other, again, soap opera–style.

My Boyfriend’s Back
-Nan Flan wants to know about Sookie’s powers, and Bill tells her she’s not in charge anymore. He’s going to tell The Authority on her and is going to go after The Necromancer. Screw human life.
-Eric and Sookie sit on the couch, having the “you’ve changed” talk, but Eric doesn’t think so. He just sees himself as the same but with “more.”
-That’s not the problem for Sookie; it’s that she realized when he was about to kill Bill that she also loves him.
-Eric isn’t happy she loves the both of them, and says, “You’re mine.” But as usual she doesn’t go for the territorial speech.
-Eric might be old Eric again (though still in a henley, arg), but when they both say they love each other, he still seems lost.
-Before they resolve things, Pam bursts in, grateful her Eric is back—but he’s too preoccupied to say anything evil enough to satisfy her neediness.
-Pam arches an eyebrow in Sookie’s direction as Eric goes off to sulk.
-Bill wants to blow up Moon Goddess Emporium, proving to Sookie he’s still a dick, which Eric enjoys pointing out.
-Sookie stomps out, and they all go to ground and silver up and bicker.

Sookie’s guide to wearing your heart on your sleeve
We wonder if Sookie knew she was heading for heartbreak when she put on her heart-print hoodie. We hope you have better luck in this Halston Heritage sweater ($385,

Chasing Jason
-Jessica and Jason talk through their guilt while putting their socks back on.
-Jason launches into a speech about his and Hoyt’s friendship history (apparently Hoyt used to be Forrest Gump), but Jessica’s sick of the stories.
-Jason wants her to wipe their deed out of his mind so he won’t feel bad, while Jessica is highly offended he wants to forget—she’s pretty righteous for someone who just had sex in the back of a pickup truck.
-The next morning, Hoyt shows up at Jason’s in a sad, careworn grey Henley and dusty Carhartt jacket to have a heart-to-heart with Jason, who’s wearing a black tank and sweats like a villain heading to the gym.
-Hoyt starts crying and wants to stay with Jason for a while; it’s too painful at home with no Jessica. Jason does a guilty gulp and agrees.
-After Hoyt downs 11 beers and passes out, Jason sneaks over to Sookie’s for some breakfast and to talk about Hoyt and his breakup blues and beer flatulence; he wants to bunk with her. He’s switched up his outfit to his public sweats and some jeans.
-She recruits Jason to help with foiling Bill’s plans to blow up MG Emporium.
-They head to Jesus and Lafayette’s to fill them in, standing shoulder to shoulder with their arms crossed and looking all tough—despite Sookie wearing a cardigan and low-cut flowered top and push up bra and Jason being in a grubby sweatshirt. They look like they’re off to rush a sorority and fraternity, not battle a witch.
-Lafayette has fresh cornrows and beads and is wearing wool socks with moccasins, a glitzy tank top, and board shorts. Interesting morning fashion mash-up.

Hoyt’s guide to a breakup henley
The season’s almost over, so we’re admitting defeat. The power of the henley over the male cast has won. We would’ve put Hoyt in a cashmere Henley ($335, so when he wiped his tears on his shirt, it would be soft and comforting—poor lug.

-Alcide is taking Tommy to the hospital; he’s projectile vomiting blood and can’t control his shifting but just wants to go home to Merlotte’s.
-Sam burns rubber into the Merlotte’s parking lot where Alcide is cradling Tommy. He doesn’t want saving, so they lay him out on the pool table (comfy?) and talk about the afterlife and make apologies.
-Tommy slips away with a soap opera–worthy death gurgle.
-Sam swears vengeance on Marcus while Alcide looks on pensively.
-Over at Marcus’s, he and Debbie are sharing a joint. She’s got bad girl cleavage, plenty of eye makeup, and a short skirt (V Debbie is back), while he’s in a denim shirt and, yes, a henley.
-She tells Marcus how Alcide doesn’t want to have a puppy together; he tells her to hook up with a different wolf.
-Sam shows up at the motorcycle shop looking for Marcus, but settles his anger on one of the other wolves that beat Tommy to death, while Alcide backs him up.
-Back at Camp Moon Goddess, Holly is looking up a spell to get control of the situation, using their strong angry-woman juju.
-Antonia bursts in with two vampires in tow and doesn’t appreciate how ungrateful they are and isn’t letting them go.
-She’s talking to herself and mumbling—not a good sign.
-Tara and Holly are whispering about their plan. Tara needs convincing, and maybe a Latin lesson. Just because she’s wearing cargo pants doesn’t mean she’s ready to go to war with Antonia.
-In the storeroom, Antonia wrestles herself free from Marnie’s body to talk about how they killed innocent people; she’s not down with that.
-Marnie gives a speech about bullies, and wants to continue on with battling the vampires; she manipulates Antonia back into her body to continue the fight.

Tara’s guide to prisoner garb
We can’t tell if Tara’s pants are covered in blood or have some snazzy red-dye treatment; both seem plausible with her. They look great on her, though. Hirl should ditch the bad flared denim for good and just wear cropped skinny cargos from here on in. We’d buy her a fresh pair of Current/Elliott’s The Skinny Cargo ($245,

Cousin Lovin’
-Terry wakes up Andy to confront him about the vial of V he’s found.
-Arlene is indignant, and they lecture him in their robes like fellow patients on Celebrity Rehab.
-Terry takes Andy to Fort Bellefleur (a tree fort where Terry lived when he left the Marines and had mental-health issues) and talk about Terry’s past drug problems and Andy’s current drug problems.
-Andy and Terry play at gun practice, which helps Terry’s western-style denim shirt choice make sense, but Andy’s too high to hit anything, proving V isn’t doing him any favours at work.
-It devolves into family venting (Andy’s mom ran off with a race car driver?) and rolling around on the ground wrestling.
-Breakthrough: Andy doesn’t want to do V anymore, and Terry tells him this is what rock bottom feels like. It’s a good thing.
-Terry makes him walk home just to be sure he thinks things through.

Arlene’s guide to what to wear to an armchair intervention
Since everything she owned burned to the ground, we’re guessing Arlene is dipping into the nice duds of cousin-in-law Portia. Her silky robe is in the rich jewel tones that PB loves, and it plays up the deep red (cough, from a box) of Arlene’s hair and her bright blue eyes. If you’re not worried about clashing a red robe with red hair, this Natori wrap ($155, is just as luxe looking.

Magical Mystery Tour
-The Magic Hardy Boys and the Stackhouse Bobbsey Twins convene outside the Emporium. We notice that Lafayette’s beads have a feather at the end (snazzy) and Jesus, besides a camo jacket, cargos, and big boots, is wearing tonight’s fourth henley.
-Jesus is going to go in and try and pull the “Mavis Move” but gets zapped by a Star Trekworthy force field that’s around the Emporium.
-Antonia gets him to force his way through the force field, to prove his loyalty.
-Inside, Jesus and Antonia discuss his powers and the protection spell on the building. We wonder if she also cast a cleanliness spell since she’s been in that dress for more than three days now.
-Jesus sends a mental message to Sookie that it’s Marnie not Antonia whose ambitions they’re following; she’s not an innocent possessee.
-Holly and Tara chant. There’s some wind, and Holly and Tara run out the door only to disappear “Beam me up, Scotty”–style with Lafayette and Sookie when Antonia catches them running. Poor Jason is left all on his own on the street.
-At first dark, Eric, Bill, Pam and Jessica have on their black-ops gear and we get a slow-motion shot with a bad edgy rock cover of “Burning Down the House,” but as they head over to blow up the Emporium, it’s like a remake of The A-Team—The V-Team?

And that’s it folks, until next week! Stay tuned for our recap of Episode 11 next Tuesday September 6th! Catch new episodes of True Blood Sunday nights at 9 p.m on HBO Canada.

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