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Instagram Has a Lot of Savage “Hopes” For Tristan Thompson

*Here for the comments*

On April 10, basketball player Tristan Thompson was accused of cheating on his extremely-pregnant, extremely-famous girlfriend, Khloé Kardashian. (If for some inexplicable reason you haven’t been keeping up with this earth shattering scandal, read this 1020 word timeline before continuing.)

Then, one day after the reports broke, Thompson shared a stoic selfie on Instagram as part of a paid partnership with Neiman Marcus and GQ. “@ferragamo sunglasses are always the perfect accessory and of course look good on a man,” Thompson captioned the photo alongside the branded handles.

It’s probably safe for us to assume that the post was planned and scheduled long before Thompson was outed for cheating on his girlfriend NUMEROUS TIMES throughout her nine-month pregnancy. But seriously, could this timing have been any worse? This post is, to date, the only thing Thompson has said publicly since becoming the most hated man on earth.

Kardashian fans went in on Thompson’s photo, swarming the athlete’s Instagram comments with passionate insults. Some users opted for a snake emoji à la KimK and TSwift, some offered their support for Khloé in this difficult time. Others—our favourite trolls in the crowd—imagined the horrible things that they “hope” will happen to Thompson. What does this baby daddy’s future hold? Here are just eighteen possibilities: