TIFF 2018: The Boozy Drinks Celebs Have Been Sipping On

We’ve passed the halfway point of TIFF 2018, which means the major premieres have passed, the stars are headed home to Hollywood the and the buzzy celebrity parties are winding down. Now is the time that we look back and reflect on the week: which films are headed to the Oscars? Which young actor will be the next Timothée Chalamet? And also, what boozy beverages have all these celebrities been celebrating with?

We don’t have all the answers, but if you’ve been following along with our TIFF party coverage, you’ll know that we do have a pretty good grasp on what drinks were served at the hottest post-premiere parties. As you flip through the gallery of recipes, you’ll notice one thing: a lot of these cocktails contain caffeine. TIFF can be tiring, and these sweet, strong, carefully curated beverages have presented a welcome way for celebs and party attendees alike to wind down—or turn up.

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