Photography courtesy Chanel

TIFF 2018: We Went to the Chanel x Variety Female Filmmaker Dinner

So we attended a TIFF Party! To help those who couldn’t make it feel like they were there, I completed this comprehensive post-party questionnaire.

What was the party for?

This private dinner marks the inaugural ‘Women in Film’ event at TIFF, hosted by Chanel and Variety to celebrate women who have made an impact on the film industry. For its first year, the event (at La Banane) honoured Keira Knightley, whose film Colette will be premiering at TIFF this week.

What brands were present as partners?

Chanel and Variety.

Which celebrities were supposed to be in attendance?

Keira Knightley, of course.

Which celebs did you actually spot?

Keira Knightley, Elizabeth Olsen, Gael Garcia Bernal, Alexander Skarsgard, Charlotte Cardin, Sofia Boutella.

If you had to title the party as if it were a film, what would it be called?

Wonder Women.

The picture we painted wasn’t clear enough? Well, here are some photos from inside the party.

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