A bro pushed his mixtape on Rachel McAdams (and other notable TIFF party moments)

tiff 2015 rachel mcadams
Photography by Stefanie Keenan/Getty Images for Grey Goose Vodka

I think this is what having a case of the Mondays is supposed to be like. After a rainy Sunday kept things quiet — unless you were at Arts & Crafts’ Festival Music House, where Rachel McAdams, Jean-Marc Vallee and Darren Aronofsky made appearances — yesterday was a free-for-all, with Every Human on Earth™ showing up to support some of the biggest films of the fest.

First up was the after-party at Grey Goose Soho House for The Meddler, where stars JK Simmons, Susan Sarandon, Melanie Lynskey and Jason Ritter (and a partridge in a pear tree) came out to celebrate it. The good news? I hear the early evening soiree was lovely. The bad? Toronto traffic assured that I showed up a solid five minutes after everybody left. If I wasn’t convinced before, I am now that Susan Sarandon is, in fact, the Polkaroo: upon arriving, a pal greeted me with the news, “Aw, you just missed her!” I’m a Canadian cliché.

But it’s fine, really. A few streets over at the Byblos, I showed up to The Dressmaker after party hosted by Piper-Heidsieck, just seconds after Kate Winslet did, subsequently disappointing everyone waiting to see another celebrity as I got in their way by the front door. (I was moving as fast as I could, guys, I swear.) Inside, Kate lounged with a friend on a sofa before making the rounds to hug and greet the people she knew, and while she didn’t comment on the Leonardo DiCaprio pin I was wearing on my jacket, I know that if she had seen it or had been standing just a little closer, we’d have formed a bond for life.

Though alas, we sort of did: while hanging out in the bathroom (I’m very cool at parties), I realized Kate and her team had been doing a wardrobe change a few steps away that was so discreet and impressive I now actually understand the phrase, “That’s why they pay us the big bucks.” From what I saw, she went from evening gown to black pant suit, and left the bathroom on a mission. Girlfriend does not have time to stand, checking and rechecking lipstick like some of us, let me tell you.

So with Kate’s exit came Liam Hemsworth’s arrival. Equally affable as his co-star, he stood chatting with anyone who dared ventured near, impressing all of us with his choice of dress shirt, vest, and very well-groomed beard. FYI Liam, I did leave an empty glass on your table. So if you somehow feel closer to me now, that’s why.

Then finally, I found myself back at the Grey Goose Soho House for the shindig in support of Spotlight. Accurate mental picture: Imagine the house party from Mean Girls, and it maybe reflects about 10% of this particular turn-out. John Slattery a.k.a. Roger Sterling himself hung out by the main floor fireplace before making his way upstairs, while Mark Ruffalo lived up to his Nicest Guy Ever Please Befriend Us reputation by shaking hands with whoever approached him while looking genuinely happy to be there.

Michael Keaton and Liev Schreiber were in attendance too — though the closest I got to L.S. was the reserved sign on the table I was standing beside — and Rachel McAdams out-niced anyone we’ve ever met by meeting and greeting politely and kindly, even when a bro began pushing his mixtape on her. (So Rachel if you can read this, that’s why I randomly interrupted to say that I liked your dress and if you remembered that guy from high school. It’s girl code, you know? Although, for the record, I did genuinely like your dress. And it’s cool that you still remember that guy from high school.)

Then, by that time, it was just very warm inside. So, full of sparkling water and whatever appetizers were being carried around, I left before anyone else started talking mixtapes.