TIFF 2014: Nas makes his debut as producer in hip-hop documentary Shake the Dust

Photography by John Nadel-Zebra Studios
Photography by Joel Nadel-Zebra Studios

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Shake the Dust is a documentary directed by Adam Sjöberg and produced by rapper Nas, that chronicles the impact of hip-hop and breakdancing in developing communities. The pair showed up to the screening about 20 minutes late and apologized profusely. Twenty minutes. That’s basically 20 seconds in TIFF time, so the apology was unnecessary but oddly super-charming. After the film’s screening, we headed over to the Henessey and WE-DIFR-sponsored Bootsy Bellows Pop Up at Everleigh, for the Shake the Dust after party, which was dark, loud and late, like every good party should be. Nas and co. were seated in a booth next to Sjöberg’s booth, and the DJ obviously played Nas tracks all night. The dance floor really opened up, though, when Beyonce and Drake came on, because of course.

Singer Jully Black made an appearance at the party, and Nas seemed thrilled to see her, which was initially very intriguing, but then we remembered that they’ve been friends forever (remember when they collaborated on Nas’ Heaven in 2009?). Check out all the pics below.

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