TIFF 2014: Diane Keaton is a vision in white at the Ruth and Alex post-premiere party

photography by Tom Sandler
Photography by Tom Sandler

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Diane Keaton is a dream. My dream. And everyone else’s too. Tomboy style icon of the ages, Woody Allen heroine and single gal role model 4eva, Keaton graced the city with her presence last night for the TIFF 2014 premiere of Ruth and Alex, in which she co-stars with fellow heavyweight Morgan Freeman. The duo stars as a long-married couple that has to put their beloved Brooklyn apartment up for sale in the wake of an eventful weekend.

After the premiere, the duo visited Michael’s on Simcoe for Moët & Chandon’s fête, and the moment she walked in was a bit like TKO for me. In a wide-legged white suit, complete with wide black belt and matching wide-brim hat, Keaton was every bit the grown-up Annie Hall you dream of. As the event’s attendees visibly ogled while sipping from gilded Moët goblets, Keaton and Freeman happily snacked on a colourful plate of sushi—a combined 80 years in the biz must make you comfortable with all eyes, at all times, on you.

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