10 questions we hope The Hills anniversary special answers

This past June, we celebrated the 10th anniversary of The Hills, which is arguably the most important show of all time and/or ever made. So imagine our joy and surprise upon the announcement that Lauren Conrad will be reprising her role as herself and returning to MTV for a Hills reunion event. (Pause and gasp for dramatic effect.)

“Today is the 10th anniversary of The Hills!” she tweeted. “I am excited to announce that @MTV will premiere an anniversary special with me on Tuesday 8/2!” Well, you guys. The night is here. It’s happening TONIGHT.

The special will undoubtedly offer some much-needed answers to questions that have been percolating since 2006. This summer has been especially ripe with Hills revelations, meaning that time has obviously healed all wounds and led to cold, hard truths none of us were ready for in the era of Les Deux and the Pinkberry empire. (Like, hi: I did not want to know that Lauren was basically locked in a basement during Heidi and Spencer’s wedding back in the noughties — and I’m still not sure I wanted to know about it now, but here we are.)

So because some of us (hello!) are emotionally and mentally invested in the TV show about a blonde woman whose life was unnecessarily dramatic (but also not really), here are the questions we’d like to see answered when Lauren Conrad makes her triumphant return to reality-ish television. Hoorah.

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