The Final Exit: Tiffany

Canada's Next Top Model's Tiffany MacDonald
Canada's Next Top Model's Tiffany MacDonald

After failing to impress the judges while posing with a hawk in the the first shoot for season 3 of Canada’s Next Top Model, Toronto’s Tiffany MacDonald was sent home.

Which part of this experience was the most fun? Which was the most stressful?

“Most fun: Meeting the girls! The spontaneous things that kept happening the first day and the uncertainty about whether or not we’d actually made it to the top 11 were nerve-wracking. It was so exhilarating, because I realized hey, I’m actually going to take this journey. I’d stopped trying to get there and trying to get in; I didn’t have to wonder anymore.

“Most stressful: Not knowing exactly what it was that Nigel Barker wanted us to do in our first challenge. I don’t think I was able to comprehend exactly how I was supposed to pose or what he wanted.

“My big stress was the judges doubting my confidence and questioning how badly I wanted to be in the competition, when really I wanted to be there more than anything.”

Anything you wish you could do over?

“I wish I could have done the photo with Nigel over again; I think that was my weakest point. I wish I could go back in time and do better with that because I think it would have pushed me further in the competition.”

Do you think it was your turn to go? If not, who should have gone?

“Do I think it was my time to go? Not at all! I love all of the girls, but I think Jill should have gone before me. From what we saw in the first judging, she wasn’t comfortable being up there in front of the judges. They may not have seen it, but I definitely felt comfortable and confident in that environment. Jill didn’t.”

Are you still planning to pursue a career in modelling?

“I would love to pursue a career in modelling. I didn’t get a good chance to explain my passion, likely due to nerves. But I’ve always seen myself as a model or in the fashion environment.”

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