The Final Exit: Ebonie

Photography by John van der Schilden

Poor Ebonie. Sharing a hometown with Mike Ruiz couldn’t save her. At least she got a trip to the Bahamas.

Which part of this experience was the most fun? Which was the most stressful?

Going to The Bahamas was the coolest experience because we got the chance to travel like real models and it was really cold in Toronto at the time. And we did a photo shoot on the beach which was absolutely amazing.

Elimination for me was the most stressful because you never knew what to expect. Each time you thought you did well, you didn’t end up doing well. Each time you didn’t think you did that great, the judges ended up saving you.

Anything you wish you could do over?

I wouldn’t have written the letter to the girls before I left the model house, because I think they worried way too much about me. 

Do you think it was your turn to go? If not, who should have gone?

I really didn’t think it was my time to go – I was super confident that week. I think it should have been between Nikita and Maryam – Maryam didn’t have her passport and couldn’t participate in the challenge, and Nikita didn’t have a good picture that week. 

Are you still planning to pursue a career in modeling?

Yes! Absolutely. I want to find an agency that will help me accomplish my goals so I can be a successful working model. 


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