The Final Exit: Alexandra

Canada's Next Top Model's Alexandra McCallum
Canada's Next Top Model's Alexandra McCallum

Alexandra, we hardly knew ya. After the whirlwind of making it to the top 11, appearing on our cover and posing for Nigel Barker, Penticton, B.C.’s Alexandra McCallum bowed out due to an injury.

Which part of this experience was the most fun? Which was the most stressful?

The fashion. But the whole thing was fun. I wasn’t there for too long so I didn’t get to experience much of it, but what I did see—the amazing clothes, hair and makeup—was amazing.

Doing the photo shoot while I was in pain was the most stressful and worst part of it.

Anything you wish you could do over?

All of it! If I could re-do the fashion photo shoot with Nigel—I don’t think it went that well because I was in a lot of pain.

Are you still planning to pursue a career in modelling?

Yes, most definitely.

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