Photography courtesy of Netflix

Prince Philip’s Beard is the Real Star of The Crown Season 2 Trailer

Netflix just dropped the trailer for season two of The Crown, and there’s a lot going on. Princess Margaret is stripping down, there’s an illegal war in Egypt, the Dexter dude is playing JFK, the new Prime Minister seems like a jerk, and Queen Elizabeth, played by the brilliant Claire Foy, looks hella stressed by it all. All that drama, and here’s my main take away: at some point between sailing on a boat and evading his royal duties, Prince Philip, played by Matt Smith, grows some seriously questionable facial hair.

I didn’t know I needed Matt Smith with a blonde beard until I saw Matt Smith with a blonde beard. There’s just something about a clean-cut prince turned rogue, disheveled boat man, amiright? The pirate-esque look embodies the trailer’s juiciest quote: “You married a wild spirit, trying to tame them is no use.”

For more Philip facial hair, we’ll have to wait until December 8 for the season two premiere on Netflix. Until then, we’ll just keep looping the new trailer.

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