Introducing The Art of Shade, your new favourite Instagram account


It’s been a wonderfully shady summer in Hollywood. Of course, eclipsing all other celeb moments is the #KimExposedTaylorParty (still not over it), but don’t forget that Kim simply learned from the best. And that’s where The Art of Shade comes in; the Instagram account tracks down famous moments in pop culture history, where one celeb said some not-so-flattering things about another celeb. Simple, yet effective.

So who is the best, you ask? The divas, of course. Madonna, Janet, Cher, they all make appearances on The Art of Shade. But no one is more legendary for her shade than Mariah Carey. So if you find yourself thinking that you keep seeing her face as you scroll through the page, you’re not imagining things. She really is that delightfully shady.

Browse the gallery below to see our fave moments on The Art of Shade.