The 9 most stylish moments in Lana Del Rey’s epic new “Ride” video

Lana Del Rey Ride Video 7

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By now, we should be used to the dramatic videos that Lana Del Rey has been putting out – from the epic “National Anthem” to her latest sultry ad campaign for H&M – this time around though, she’s hit it far out of the park.

Coming in at a little over ten minutes, her latest video for the song “Ride” is one of the greatest mini-movies we have seen. Starting with a dramatic voice-over by Lana describing the motley crew of men she met along the road, we see scenes of her riding with a slew of bikers, waiting for men at the convenience store and of course, performing on stage. The video goes on to track her summer spent with the aforementioned bikers and various men, all the while looking like the biggest babe that has ever rode down desert roads on the back of a motorcycle.

And we haven’t even mentioned the fashion. The video begins with Lana in the most perfect studded fringed denim jacket and denim shorts combo, and she goes through a slew of more denim, leather and beautiful dresses throughout.

We can safely say that we are obsessed with this video.

UPDATE: We’ve deleted the slide of Lana Del Rey wearing a native headdress as it was offensive to some of our readers.