Photo courtesy of Bombargo

Bombargo is the Only Canadian Indie Band on Taylor Swift’s Spotify Playlist

Taylor Swift shared her very first Spotify playlist this week, featuring all her favourite songs at the moment. But the curated list wasn’t limited to mainstream artists: the roundup contains 43 songs all from a variety of music genres, from hip-hop to indie.

The playlist — titled “Songs Taylor Loves” — showcases well-known fan favourites like Kendrick Lamar, Ed Sheeran and Charlie XCX, as well as some hidden gems. One of the names caught our eye: Canadian Indie band Bombargo. Apart from being the only Canadian Indie band to make the covetable list, they’re also the only unsigned artists to make the cut.

“We are the most indie band of all time, I even make all the merch and shoot and edit all the videos. It’s just us, and this is the very first Spotify playlist we’ve ever been added to, and it’s Taylor Swift’s official Spotify playlist, how did she find us?” says Nathan Thoen, Bombargo’s lead singer.

Bombargo, which is just three-years old, is a Saskatoon band of brothers and friends. When asked to describe their sound, Theon says, “it’s a funky, soulful, rock-y way to move and groove.”

Reflecting back on how their T-Swift approved song “Mr. No Good” was produced, the band said that it was a quick process. “We wrote the song in 15 minutes, 15 minutes! I just freestyled the lyrics and there it was.”

Turns out making a kick-ass song isn’t that hard after all! And it turns out Swift has good ear for soulful indie music — not just the stars right under the spotlight. For more of Taylor Swifts favourite 43 songs right now, check out the entire playlist below.

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