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Taylor Swift and Blake Lively’s Friendship Was the Real Star of the Super Bowl

After attending the 2024 Super Bowl together, 'FASHION' breaks down the famous friendship between the two blonde bombshells.

Our apologies to Travis Kelce, but Taylor Swift and Blake Lively were the real love story at the 2024 Super Bowl, and you can’t convince us otherwise.

Although they shared a box with Ice Spice, Lana Del Rey and other celebs, Taylor and Blake only had eyes for each other (and the field) during the almost four-hour game. The famous friends shouted, screamed, swore, drank, danced, hugged, and overall just looked like they were having the time of their lives cheering the Kansas City Chiefs on to victory. Of course, later on Taylor and her new beau shared a High School Musical-like moment when she congratulated him on his hard-fought win but honestly, we were more interested in the platonic love that has seemingly blossomed overnight between the two blond bombshells. (Or did it?)

Below, we’ve created a brief timeline of Taylor Swift and Blake Lively’s friendship.

How did Taylor Swift and Blake Lively meet?


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Taylor Swift and Blake Lively’s meet cute wasn’t actually that cute — at least, not at first. In 2015, the former Gossip Girl star shared a photo from a L’Oréal campaign that referenced Swift’s “Bad Blood” music video with the caption: “Soooo, turns out this WASN’T a video shoot for John Legend’s cover of “Bad Blood.”

While some fans initially mistook the caption as Blake throwing shade towards Taylor, Lively quickly revealed she was a total Swiftie and didn’t mean any harm. The two eventually met up in Australia and the rest is herstory.

What was their first viral moment?


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The year was 2016; the era was 1989 Girl Squad; the occasion was the Fourth of July, and the vibe was full frontal PDA, minus Ryan Reynolds. At the height of the Taylor Swift and Tom Hiddleston summer love tour, the couple made their relationship Instagram-official with a *suspiciously* affectionate snap of them cuddling on a lawn chair. Beside them was Blake with her husband, who looked slightly less than happy to be there, and to say the internet noticed is a bit of an understatement.

Many commented the Deadpool actor looked “dead inside” while others mirrored his cringe reaction to the over-the-top PDA of Hiddleswift. Ryan later explained that he didn’t know there was a photo being taken and that his natural resting face is “one of a man dying.” Still, the photo might be gone, but it was never forgotten.

How many times have Taylor Swift and Blake Lively worked together?

If you consider Blake Lively’s kids an extension of her (which we do), then the super duo have worked together three times. The first was in 2017 when Blake’s eldest daughter, James, was featured on T.Swift’s song “Gorgeous.” The second was when she name-dropped all three of the Reynold’s children (James, Inez and Betty) in her Folklore song “Betty.” And the most recent time was when Blake directed the music video for “I Bet You Think About Me” in 2021. Honourable mention: Ryan’s Bob Ross-inspired cameo in “You Need To Calm Down.”

Is Taylor Swift a good aunt?

@much Oh to be #blakelively’s child in this moment… 🥹 #taylorswift #erastour [🎥: @The Eras Live ♬ original sound – MuchMusic

If this video of her with Blake Lively’s daughters at her Eras Tour is any indication then Auntie Taylor is definitely a favourite in the Lively-Reynolds household. Not only did Tay dress up as a squirrel to go trick-or-treating with the family in NYC in 2021, Ryan Reynolds has previously admitted to many at-home dance parties, going as far to say that his kids had no idea “Auntie Taylor” was famous, until they went to one of her concerts.

How has Blake supported Taylor’s relationships?

Taylor Swift and Blake Lively in New York City
Blake Lively and Taylor Swift in New York City. Photography by Getty Images.

Reason number 10,987 why Blake Lively isn’t like Serena Van Der Woodsen — she’s supportive of her friend’s relationships, both old and new. When Taylor was going through her breakup with Joe Alwyn, who was there to go to every hot spot in NYC? Blake. When the “Cruel Summer” singer needed a date to the film premiere of Beyoncé’s Renaissance Tour? Blake suited up. Then, when Taylor Swift started dating Travis Kelce, who attended games in the fall, plus the 2024 Super Bowl? I think at this point you can guess.

What have Taylor Swift and Blake Lively said about each other?


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In the immortal words of T.Swift, it’s a love story, baby just say yes! Taylor Swift and Blake Lively have expressed their love for one another many times in many public ways. While there are perhaps too many to name some of our favourites include Taylor Swift’s acceptance speech at the 2021 Grammy Awards, when she won Album of the Year for Evermore and thanked “James, Inez and Betty and their parents who are the second and third people who I play every song that I write,” (the first, at the time, being ex Joe Alwyn).

She also name dropped her bestie when she won Favourite Pop Album at the AMAs — “”I want to take a moment to thank someone who directed the music video ‘I Bet You Think About Me,’ my beautiful, brilliant friend, my director Blake Lively.”

Not to be outdone, Blake has shown her love on Instagram. In honour of Taylor’s 30th birthday, she posted a photo of them hugging and wrote “Somehow, she’s even better in real life.” Similarly, back in 2020 she posted a closeup of Taylor and said “There was happiness because of you.”

Who else is part of Taylor Swift’s squad in 2024, besides Blake Lively?


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Well, if Taylor’s rumoured $1.8 million box at the 2024 Super Bowl is to be believed, Ice Spice, Lana Del Ray, Keleigh Teller (Miles Teller’s wife), Ashley Avignone and mama Kelce herself, Donna. Other famous friends that weren’t in attendance include Selena Gomez, Gigi Hadid, Emma Stone, the Haim sisters, Sabrina Carpenter, Queer Eye’sAntoni Porowski, Sophie Turner, Zoë Kravitz and of course, her favourite producer, Jack Antonoff and his new wife Margaret Qualley.

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