Taylor Swift kicked off her 1989 tour in the most sparkly way possible

Taylor Swift 1989 World Tour
Photography by Jun Sato/Getty Images

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While most of us were busy obsessing over Rihanna’s dress at the Met Gala this past week, Taylor Swift was preparing to make her mark on Tokyo, the first stop of her 1989 World Tour. Starting in Japan, and making its way through Europe and North America, (even honouring us with her presence here in Canada!) TayTay’s new tour is sure to be a crowd pleaser. And what would a Taylor Swift tour (any tour, actually) be without a whole bunch of costume changes?

Taylor’s staying true to her signature style, including the [red lip] classic [thing that you like] crop top and skater skirt combo. Our favourite outfit in Taylor Swift’s 1989 tour is her opener, a metallic purple skirt and cropped black tank top paired with sparkly Stuart Weitzman booties. Inspired both by friends (Swifties say this glittery jumpsuit is a nod to Karlie Kloss) and previous performance outfits, this collection of costume changes seems to be Swift’s best yet—even she thinks so!

In an interview, Taylor said, “I love the fashion for this [tour]! Every outfit has a different vibe and every outfit is so cool… My show clothes used to seem more costumey, now they’re much more chic.” The singer certainly has come a long way from her country roots, musically and sartorially.

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