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Did the Times Up Movement Spark the Spice Girls Reunion Tour?

❤ Friendship Never Ends ❤

Every few years, we hear the same rumour: “the Spice Girls are doing a reunion tour!” And every time gossip gets going, the Internet explodes. (Who can blame them? It’s been almost 10 years since the iconic ’90s group’s record breaking world tour, and over five years since they last performed together as a five-piece. In these turbulent times, we could all use a girl power group to spice up our lives.)

But usually, the rumours of a Spice Girls reunion are presented without any real evidence. Until now…

Last week, Victoria Beckham, Mel B, Emma Bunton, Melanie C and Geri Halliwell met with their former manager, Simon Fuller, to reportedly discuss the “rough plans” for a world tour. (And to take an iconic group pic that every media outlet and its parent company reposted — us included.) Now, however, TMZ has learned that the tour is official, and it’s set kick off in the United Kingdom and United States late this summer. (No news yet whether they girl group will make it to Canada, but our fingers are crossed!)

Sources say — to no one’s surprise — that “everyone but Victoria was down for the reunion for a long time, but she has now come around and is “fully on board.”” But to be fair to Posh Spice, she’s had a lot on her plate this past decade: running a multi-million dollar fashion label and a house of four children.

So what changed her mind? Hello Magazine reports that the #MeToo and Time’s Up campaigns may have inspired Beckham to reunite with her girl power posse. The 43-year-old told the Mirror: “The Time’s Up and #MeToo movements have shone a light on how powerful we can be when we work together to bring about change. That is incredibly inspiring.”

“My career has always focused on empowering and celebrating women,” she continued, “so the momentum that these movements brought only makes me even more determined and passionate in my beliefs.”

It’s unclear whether or not the current political climate directly influenced Beckham’s decision, but based on the captions the Spice Girls have shared on their reunion pic posts, this tour will be all about #girlpower. Which, in a time of historic female solidarity, is something we all can celebrate.

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