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These Colourful Sonos x HAY Speakers Just Shot to the Top of Our Holiday Wish Lists

Speakers in one’s apartment, home or office are usually all about the function: of course, we want them to look sleek and unobtrusive but basically we want them to deliver the goods, aka high-quality sound. It’s rare for speakers to elicit squeals of desire and rapturous intentions of purchase. But that’s precisely what happened when Sonos showcased its collaboration with Danish design company HAY to a group of journalists in Brooklyn ahead of the range’s launch next week.

Sonos’s wireless One speaker, which heretofore has come only in black and white options, has had a serious (short-term) makeover. Its collaboration with HAY, a company known for its eye-catching home decor and accessories, has yielded an array of four unusual colours—forest green, pale yellow, soft pink and vibrant red—along with a neutral light grey.

“At HAY, no two products are the same. I believe each object has its own set of colours: a chair, a toothbrush, or a piece of porcelain can’t have the same colours, yet they can still complement each other. For the Sonos range, we were inspired by our daily home life. We wanted to create colours that were for everyone,” said Mette Hay, co-founder of HAY, in a statement.

“The yellow relates to kitchens and bathrooms that are often kept light and complemented with stainless steel and porcelain,” explained Hay. “The green hues are meant to remind viewers of pots or plants sitting by windows. The light grey is for everyone. It was important to find the right shade—one that suits both workspaces, homes, and different looks with its neutral tone. Pink is the colour we feel closely connected to in fashion – we feel that all things pink create a special desire right now. The iconic red was the final colour I chose for the collection, as it creates such an important accent with regards to furniture.”

To celebrate the launch of the new range on November 5, Sonos is taking over online radio station NTS for ten hours, with five different artists presenting two-hour long “bespoke synesthetic shows” inspired by each of the colours. Erykah Badu, for example, will be debuting a “plant-based mix around the theme of all things green” in honour of the Forest Green hue while drone metal pioneer Stephen O’Malley will be building “a soundscape for all things colourless and grey” based on the Light Grey version. You can catch these unique mixes on NTS Live starting at 4pm GMT or through their button on the Sonos app.

Click through the slideshow for a look at all five of the limited edition colours, which will be available for CAD 279 from November 5 (just in time for the holidays!) on, at the Sonos store in New York, as well as in North America and select cultural retailers worldwide.

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