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Sonos Just Opened Its First Retail Pop-Up in Canada

The speaker company will be at Toronto's Stackt Market now through September.

If you’re the sort to notice these things, you might have spotted Sonos’s sleek, compact speakers tucked away in strategic spots at restaurants, boutique stores, homes. They’ve fast become a go-to for people looking for unobtrusive but powerful smart speakers that don’t take up a ton of room and were recently voted “the best multi-room wireless speaker system” by Wirecutter,the New York Times’ product review site.

Though they did launch a colourful collaboration with Danish design company HAY last year, Sonos’s preferred palette is soothing shades of grey, black and white, makings its products suitable for just about any living or working space. Plus, as Wired notes, “the Sonos app supports almost every streaming service in existence, and many apps, like Spotify, let you stream to Sonos speakers within them.”

Previously available to order only through Sonos’s website or at retailers like Bay Bloor Radio and Best Buy, the speaker brand has just thrown open the doors to its first (temporary) retail space in Canada. All through the summer, the California-based company now has a pop-up shop at Toronto’s Stackt Market, a new open-air market and events space comprised of shipping containers, where you can go to test out the speakers for yourself in a beautiful environment. Already compatible with Amazon Alexa as well as Siri via AirPlay 2, the brand just rolled out the use of Google Assistant, another virtual assistance service, for its products in Canada, which you can also test out at the store space.

The pop-up runs from July 8 to September 30, 7 days a week, at Stackt Market.

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