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Our Editors Pick Their 2018 “Song of Summer”

What are the ingredients to a summer song? Is it a singable chorus, a sunshiny beat, lyrics about refreshing, poolside beverages? Is the “Song of Summer: determined by how many times you hear it playing on your car radio as you drive around town, windows down, hair blowing in the warm wind? Or, does it all come down to which song is sitting at the top of the Billboard Hot 100 between June 20 and September 21?

Whatever it is, people have a lot of opinions when it comes to declaring an official summer jam. And so, I asked the editorial team here at FASHION to send me their picks for 2018’s “Song of Summer.” Whether it’s at a backyard BBQ, at the beach—or writing articles like these in our cubicles—here are the songs that the FASHION team will be blasting through their bluetooth speakers all summer long.

“I Like It” by Cardi B, Bad Bunny & J Balvin

THE FAN: Meghan McKenna, Associate Editor

THE CASE: This one is pretty much a given. This song pretty sounds like it was chemically created to dominate the summer charts—and it already is. If last summer’s “Despacito” — aka “The Greatest Song of All Time” — serves as any indication, thumping Latin beats are the key ingredient to a summer anthem.

“New Light” by John Mayer

THE FAN: Meghan McKenna, Associate Editor
(Yeah, I gave myself a second pick. This is my article, and I make up the rules.)

THE CASE: John Mayer’s latest single is a return to the John Mayer we all know and love: groovy, emotional and great for lazily bobbing your head to in humid weather. Plus, have you seen that music video?!

“No Tears Left To Cry” by Ariana Grande

THE FAN: Suzie Michael, Beauty Editor

THE CASE: I’ve finally admitted to myself that I’m an Ariana Grande stan and it’s been very freeing. This song is delightful and energetic and everything a summer song should be.

*Disclaimer: There isn’t a music video for “Don’t Matter To Me” yet, so here’s a cover that someone named Mike Tompkins did. You can find Drake’s latest album, Scorpion, on any streaming service. 

“Don’t Matter To Me” by Drake & Michael Jackson

THE FAN: Ben Reyes, Video Editor

THE CASE: It reminds me of when ‘Love Never Felt So Good’ was posthumously released a few summers back with Justin Timberlake. The fact that Micheal Jackson’s voice is still being used on modern tracks shows how timeless his music is.

“Meant to Be” by Bebe Rexha (feat. Florida Georgia Line)

THE FAN: Jacquelyn Francis, Executive Editor

THE CASE: My first job was working graveyard at a country radio station where I did weather on the hour. I’m not much of a country fan, but I developed a soft spot for the genre. Besides, a good summer song should take you out of your music comfort zone, otherwise you’d never remember the summer it was from?

“Love Like Waves” by Friendly Fires

THE FAN: D’Loraine Miranda, Production Editor

THE CASE: Friendly Fires was one of my fave bands during my university days (when nu-rave was all the rage, Cobrasnake was THE party photographer, and everyone was obsessed with Skins) so you could imagine my surprise when they dropped this comeback track earlier this year. (They’ve been off the grid for nearly a decade!) It’s catchy, dreamy and makes me want to dance!

“One Kiss” by Dua Lipa & Calvin Harris

THE FAN: Lauren Hazlewood, Editorial Assistant

THE CASE: From her edgy style, to her girl power performances on stage, Dua Lipa is literally the epitome of cool. And when you add Calvin Harris (the king of summer bangers in my opinion) to the mix, One Kiss really has no competition. (Sorry Drake.)

“Blood // Water” by grandson

THE FAN: Greg Hudson, Features Editor

THE CASE: It’s not exactly a sunshiny song, but it’s what I’m feeling this summer. Grandson just released his debut EP this month! So…relevant!

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