Can social media get you a job? 7 useful tips from DKNY PR Girl

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It’s that magical time of year when students on campuses across the country are packing up their belongings and heading home after a whirlwind four (or five or six) years at school. For many, the journey is filled with more anxiety than excitement—getting a job in their field isn’t exactly a guarantee for millennial grads.

Leave Your Mark is the first book by Aliza Licht (better known as her online persona, DKNY PR Girl) and delves into the wonderful world of social media. With over 530,000 Twitter followers, it’s a topic Licht knows a thing or two about. But can social media actually help get you a job?

Leave Your Mark provides everything from simple pointers to salacious cautionary tales. Here are some of our favourite tips:

1.You get one chance to make a first impression
If you’re reaching out to a company, get familiar with them. Find out who the senior staff are, look them up on social platforms, get a sense of what projects they’re working on and which events they’re going to. There’s nothing worse than emailing someone when you literally have no idea what they do—and they won’t be quick to forget it.

2. Don’t fake it
When it comes to winning the Twitter game, Licht advises against curating a “too perfect” feed. The more personal your tweets are, the more engagement they’ll garner. If you make a funny fail, share it—your followers want to LOL along with you.

3. Brevity is the spice of life
The more succinct your tweets are, the more likely they are to be shared.

4. Put the ‘social’ in social media
How to strike up a conversation with someone on Twitter, you ask? Congratulate them on a recent achievement (people can never pass up the opportunity to highlight their successes).

5. Style your timeline
You want to have an eclectic mix of content reflected on your social media profiles. Your Twitter feed should include an assortment of original tweets, retweets, and engagement with others. Similarly, your Instagram grid should reflect a range of content in a cohesive style (stick to one filter). Try and objectively assess your profiles—if you weren’t you, would you follow you?

6. Talk the talk
Know what’s being said in the conversation before you chime in. If the end goal is stimulating dialogue, you want to add value instead of regurgitating a generic observation.

7. Bios are everything
Your bio is crucial! It should provide a snapshot summary of yourself both personally and professionally (IMHO, I would like to dissuade against employing the “city name + emoji” equation—I think we can do better, people!)

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