Social Media Star: Casie Stewart on Twitter, travelling the world with brands and meeting Richard Branson

casie stewart social media
Photography by Shannon Lit
casie stewart social media
Photography by Shannon Lit

Each Friday, we’ll be profiling one of our favourite movers and shakers on social media. From the pop-up power of Pinterest to the beautifully crafted images on Instagram, we’re learning the tricks of the trade from the ladies that do it best (and most stylishly, of course).

While social media may be just a hobby for some of us, Casie Stewart’s life is all about digital platforms. As the social media director of Community Agency (a circle of artsy and techy people) and a dedicated blogger since 2005, it’s pretty accurate to say social media has taken over Stewart’s life. From documenting her every movement on her blog to conversing with her 15,000+ ‘Tweeters’, she has built relationships across the world via social media. But out of every social media platform she’s on, Twitter is by far her favourite.

Thanks to Twitter, Stewart’s living a whirlwind life she never dreamed possible. She’s partnered with companies like Virgin America, Ted Baker London, Thomas Sabo and Telus (just to name a few) and is currently the host of Coral TV, a platform for ladies who are interested in everything about the internet. Whether you’re looking for opinions on fashion and technology or just some inspiration, Stewart’s sense of humour and positive tone on her blog is sure to make your day. From talking about her social media obsessions to her upcoming partnership with TIFF, we caught up with Casie Stewart for this week’s social media star feature.

What initially motivated you to start your own blog?
I’ve always loved publishing and creating things. I started a publishing company, wrote a book and won a Young Entrepreneur award at 14. So, when I discovered Blogger in 2005 and realized I could publish on my own platform with pictures and stories, I was inspired. I started documenting people, places, things and thoughts as a way to keep track of my memories. I used to forget things all the time and blogging has been the greatest memory tool I could ever imagine.

You have a pretty big following on Twitter. How has social media changed or enhanced you as a blogger?
Back when I started blogging, ‘social media’ wasn’t even a thing yet! I joined Twitter in 2008 and the community was quite small. Toronto had a very tight knit group of ‘Tweeters’. A few of us started a group called #GenYTO that really brought the PR, tech and startup communities together. Since then, Twitter has completely enhanced my life personally and professionally. I’ve built relationships with people around the globe and without Twitter, I wonder if our lives would have ever crossed paths. I’ve travelled the world, had experiences and amazing jobs I only ever imaged in my wildest dreams.

You use a variety of social media platforms. If you were to one pick one platform, which one would be your favourite? Why?
Twitter. The platform has evolved so much with the addition of photos, tailored trends, expanded tweets, advertising and analytics. It’s become a vehicle to carry messages, movements, and deliver daily news. It’s also an amazing platform for connecting like-minded people and building a brand.

Is there a specific audience you are speaking to on your platforms? How do you target content to the audiences on different platforms?
My core demographic is 25-34 and they are scattered all over, from Toronto to LA to NY. There’s also my Australia/New Zealand connection (I have dual citizenship Canadian/New Zealand).

I don’t think too much about ‘who’ I’m targeting. I publish what I like. I curate things I publish based on personal interest. To be honest, I’m pretty glad people like it. The content varies on each platform. For example, Twitter is everything, LinkedIn is business, Tumblr is weird, Pinterest is style, Facebook is whatever, and the blog is my life. While some people look to me as a thought leader delivering opinions on fashion, tech, travel, lifestyle, some people think I’m funny (no really), and then there are some people who tune into my blog for a daily dose of positivity or inspiration.

More and more bloggers are taking their blogs onto YouTube. Why do you think v-logging is becoming so popular amongst the blogging world?
Video is a powerful way to connect with your audience. I’ve had a YouTube channel since 2005. I love shooting videos, especially on short video platforms like Vine, Viddy, and Keek. They allow bloggers to really connect with their audience.

What’s it like being the host of Coral TV on YouTube. How is the experience similar or different from your blog?
I love being part of Coral TV. It’s an awesome group of inspired and empowered young women who are passionate about the Internet. It’s different from my blog in that my show is more tech. It’s the same as my blog in that the possibilities are endless and you never know what might happen with it, but you just have to keep making great content. Coral just joined the KIN Community out of the US, which has millions of subscribers. It’s an exciting time for us!

You’ve collaborated with many brands. Which brand were you most excited about?
The Virgin America ‘Provocateur’ campaign (2010-11) was really exciting. The contest spanned three months and was run by one Richard Branson (who I’ve always been a fan of). When I won that I was so happy! I got to travel back and forth to Los Angeles and San Francisco and represent a strong and sassy brand that’s constantly breaking barriers and doing things differently. We did a press tour launching service from San Francisco to Dallas and I got to hang with Richard Branson and meet Willie Nelson, LMFAO and some other celebs.

How would you describe your personal style in five words?

Eclectic, funky, bright, vintage, changing

Social media has become your life. When you’re not on social media platforms, what are you doing?
Hard question, I Instagram all the time! If I’m not on my social platforms I love boating in Muskoka, surfing in the ocean or jet setting somewhere fabulous.

We hear you’re partnering with TIFF this year. What should we expect from this project and who are you most excited to see?
This is true! You can count on me to deliver behind the scenes from parties, gifting lounges, and events, along with info about films and tickets. I’m pretty involved with TIFF through this partnership and events with our clients at Community Agency. I’m also in a feature documentary that premieres September 15th for CommFest Film Festival! It may seem silly, but seeing huge crowds of people lined up for film premieres and celebrities always excite me. The energy that TIFF brings to Toronto is inspiring!

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