SNP’s word of the day: FROW

Illustration by Lewis Mirrett
Illustration by Lewis Mirrett

Word: FROW

Usage: “We’ve been hot on the heels of one Miss Perry as she’s dashed from FROW to FROW and now she’s popped up at Chanel working ladylike chic with her ice-cool coiff.” – The ever-dry Grazia Daily

Definition: In fashionland, FROW is an abbreviation of “Front Row,” which is obviously just one too many syllables.

You should know it because: At last, at last, it’s officially Toronto Fashion Week. Hi Toronto! I’m not there, but I hope somebody totally boss is keeping my FROW seat warm. I also hope they’re actually saying FROW, because… try it. So funny-sounding. And funny-meaning: The word also means “slovenly or lusty woman.” Yepppp. Now, if some Lita-ling in too much leopard tries usurping your perch, you know what to say: “Get out of the FROW, frow.”