Snapchat’s first star? Sofia Vergara is debuting her own reality show exclusively on the app

sofia vergara snapchat series
Photography by Steve Granitz/WireImage

Finally, Snapchat is offering us a break from our friends’ two hundred and ten second stories that feature endless play-by-plays of everything they’ve eaten throughout the day (tragic, we know). Variety reports that Sofia Vergara will star in a six-series reality show that will be available exclusively on the app.

Vergaraland, will focus on the actresses’ Hollywood career through the eyes of her 24-year-old son Manolo González Vergara, and will debut this summer (the perfect activity while working on your tan!).

With the legal battle heating up between Vergara and her ex-fiancé, Nick Loeb, over frozen embryos that the couple had created, Vergara seems to be unfazed as a result of her upcoming career opportunities. The Latina beauty has made it clear that we won’t be hearing about the issue via Snapchat anytime soon. “I really want to make this, like, the last time I talk about it because I don’t think it’s fair,” she said in an interview for Good Morning America“I don’t want to allow this person to take more advantage of my career and and to try to promote himself and get press for this,” she added about her ex-fiancé.

Vergara’s sure-to-be-hilarious show will be co-produced by Fusion (a company that is already a part of the Snapchat Discover feature), along with her own production company, Latin World Entertainment. “Manolo finally graduated, and I am very happy for his alliance with Fusion to create such an innovative series,” the “Modern Family” star said in an official statement.

The series will be aimed at the young, Snapchat-loving generation, and International users can already access Fusion on the app’s Discover section, although U.S. users cannot.

So, what does this mean for the future of Snapchat? It’s a long shot, but maybe selfies will finally go out of style as Vergara distracts users with her famously entertaining antics.

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