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Kensington Palace Just Released a VERY Important Detail About the Royal Wedding

Hint: ? ? ?

Hear ye, hear ye! Kensington Palace hath blessed thee with the most crucial royal wedding detail of all. Until now, all we had was a date and a location for The Blessed Day. (And, of course, a growing list of gossip and rumours: Meghan Markle’s wedding dress designer, a groundbreaking wedding speech and obscure family wedding gifts.)

But alas! The news we’ve all been waiting for! Early this morning, Kensington Palace hit us up with all kinds of juicy information, including the most important tidbit of all: a Meghan Markle and Prince Harry nuptials timeline. Via royal scroll — or, ahem, Twitter — here’s what we learned:

Photography via Twitter/@KensingtonPalace
  • The wedding service will begin at 12noon at St George’s Chapel. The Dean of Windsor will conduct the service and The Archbishop of Canterbury will officiate as the couple make their vows.
  • At 1pm, the newly-betrothed couple, will undertake a Carriage Procession from St George’s Chapel through Windsor Town returning to Windsor Castle along the Long Walk.
  • They hope this short journey will provide an opportunity for more people to come together around Windsor and to enjoy the atmosphere of this special day.
  • Following the service, there will be a reception at St. George’s Hall for the couple and the guests from the congregation.
  • Later that evening, The Prince of Wales will give a private evening reception for the couple and their close friends and family.

What does this all mean?! As you’ll likely recall, we North Americans woke up very early for the last royal wedding, since it was broadcast live on TV. But royal wedding 2.0 offers a far less painful start for American and Canadian watchers: 7am ET time service followed by an 8am ET time carriage procession. And, given the ceremony takes place on a Saturday, there’s no need to even change out of your PJs! Thank you Meghan and Harry, you truly are the royal couple that’s for and of the people.