Royal wedding countdown: Day 11

Photography by Indigo/Getty Images
Photography by Indigo/Getty Images

Another new name has been added to the pool of rumoured designers that bookies are betting on Kate wearing on the big day⎯Sophie Cranston, of the label Libélula.

The speculation comes after an announcement from Yvonne York, who says she’s known for months, though couldn’t confirm the rumor with the palace officials. The reason? “…to protect Cranston and her family from media scrutiny for as long as possible, and to allow her the freedom to create the wedding gown of Catherine’s dreams without additional pressures and distractions.”

Kate has worn the label in the past, and not without controversy. She raised eyebrows when she wore a black velvet number by the designer to a friend’s wedding this past January. Cranston, who has worked with two other rumoured labels for the wedding, McQueen and Temperley, offers bespoke bridal gowns to her clients.

Rumour or not, it’s becoming increasingly clear⎯this is one tidbit we might just actually have to (gasp!) wait until the wedding to find out.

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