Roberto Cavalli releases costume sketches for Miley Cyrus’s upcoming Bangerz tour

Roberto Cavalli Costume Sketches Miley Cyrus Bangerz Tour

Roberto Cavalli Costume Sketches Miley Cyrus Bangerz Tour

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By now, we’re no stranger to wardrobe changes during a big ticket event. Big name equals even bigger outfits. Anne Hathaway changed eight times during her, somewhat tumultuous, Oscars hosting gig. Taylor Swift had 11 changes on her Red Tour, including one 4.5 second costume change. Madonna, the biggest name of all, broke the Guinness World Record in 2000 for most costumes changes in a film—85 in Evita. So when Miley Cyrus announced her upcoming Bangerz tour, we knew there was gonna be some serious wardrobe action.

Not one to shy away, Cyrus has enlisted the services of some of the most notorious designers around, each to outfit her for segments of the show. Marc Jacobs, a close friend of the singer, is said to have designed a few, and if his finale at Louis Vuitton is anything to go by, we know we can expect some in-your-face designs. And we mean that in the best way possible. Cyrus has also tapped the design duo behind The Blonds, of Beyoncé’s ‘boob suit’ as well as her own New Years Eve gold suit, as well as some archive pieces from legendary designer Bob Mackie, the man behind all those infamous Cher outfits. So far, lots of designers with oodles of shock factor.

But, with no firm designs released as of yet, we can only theorize on what all those designers are going to dream up (we imagine lots of sequins in strategic places and not much else). Just released are some sketches from Roberto Cavalli, king of animal prints and sex appeal and the newest addition to Miley’s all-star costume-designer roster, which provide some solid insight into the Bangerz tour. It’s pretty much as we expected—lots of crop tops, the shortest shorts conceivable, and a healthy dose of ratchet steez. The whole collection seems to be in tune with the grown-up look that Miley Cyrus has been forecasting of late. Hannah Montana who?

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