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See, Hear, Read: 10 Great Resources to Help You Brush Up on Various Aspects of Sustainability

Sustainability can sometimes feel like a catch-all term, encompassing everything from eco-conscious fashion to clean energy to organic farming. Trying to make sense of it all can be overwhelming but here are a few cultural resources—documentaries, books, websites, podcasts and more—to help you out.


The True Cost
This 2015 documentary examines the fast fashion industry from various angles—from the environmental impact to the working conditions in factories in places like Bangladesh and Cambodia to the consumer culture that keeps it all going.

Food Inc
This Academy Award-nominated film narrated by acclaimed food writer Michael Pollan and journalist Eric Schlosser dives into the environmental and economic impact of the food industry.

Before the Flood
Follow Leonardo DiCaprio as he travels around the world examining the impact of climate change on various regions, with special appearances by Barack Obama, Elon Musk and the late Ban Ki-Moon.

No Impact Man
This 2009 films follows one American family as they embark on a year-long quest to live a zero-impact life—that means no electricity, no trash, no new purchases, and a whole lot of ups-and-downs.


The Good Trade
All the content of this website is geared towards conscious consumers—from tips on natural and organic skin products to fair-trade shoe brands to eco-friendly furniture.

No More Dirty Looks
This book promises to reveal “the truth about your beauty products” and it delivers. Get the inside scoop on how to detoxify your beauty regimen by understanding the nature of the ingredients in your go-to products and the safest natural alternatives in the market.

The Frontlash
This recently launched digital publication founded by stylist Laura Jones focuses on sustainable fashion. Expect to find spotlights on cool ethical designers, tips on how to shop mindfully, and interviews that attempt to address big-picture questions like ‘does ethical fashion have a white saviour complex?’


Conscious Chatter
‘What we wear matters’ believes the host of this podcast, Kestrel Jenkins, whose guests on the show so far have included key players from brands like Patagonia and G Star RAW, entrepreneurs like Rebecca van Bergen of Nest, a non-profit dedicated to empowering the global fashion workforce, and industry leaders like Dominique Drakeford, founder of Melanin & Sustainable Style, a platform that highlights the involvement of communities of colour in sustainable fashion.

The Sustainability Agenda
This weekly podcast hosted by journalist Fergal Byrne addresses the biggest sustainability challenges and issues of our time, from climate change to supply chains to carbon taxation.

Green Dreamer
Learn how to live a greener life with Kamea Chayne, author and eco-lifestyle advocate, whose podcast shares tips on shopping sustainably and recycling better, offers guidance on how to scale an eco venture or understand the zero waste movement, and explores concepts like “conscious consumerism.”

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