Quotable: Kate Middleton’s dressmaker has fans that think she’s been touched by “royal dust”

Earlier this week, New York Magazine interviewed frequent Kate Middleton-dresser Katherine Hooker. While the designer has mostly sweet and safe things to say about Kate (“I’ve nothing really to say except that she’s a lovely girl. She’s not my best friend”) and the rest of the royal family, she does have some funny anecdotes about fans who’ve been put under the Kate spell.

“We had this one girl who wanted the exact same blue Alexander jacket Kate has, so I had the exact same stuff that was made by a different mill, and stupidly I said, “Well, it wasn’t made by the same—” And literally her bottom lip was starting to wobble, and she was like, ‘I really want the same one!’ … When we did a show in L.A., there was this one woman who clearly came in just to look at me. She thought that I must be touched with some kind of royal dust or something like that.”

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