Quotable: Good news, older fans! Justin Bieber’s new Girlfriend fragrance is just for you

Justin Bieber wants us to know he’s no ageist with the newest addition to his fragrance empire, Girlfriend. The 18-year old pop singer claims that although similar, his latest perfume is more mature than Someday—the scent which marked his first foray into the world of celebrity fragrance. A Bieber cologne, on the other hand, won’t be happening anytime soon because he claims has no interest in doing a men’s fragrance. As for Bieber’s real-life girlfriend, he told WWD that while there’s no competition between the two young stars, he did joke about giving Selena Gomez some tips on creating her very own celebrity fragrance:

“I told her how to do it right. I’m just kidding. We don’t really talk about business. […] I don’t know. She’s cool.”

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