Q&A with Dan Levy and Jessi Cruickshank

The Hills Season 3, Part 2

Just days before the highly anticipated premiere of part two of season three of The Hills, FASHION sat down with The Hills Aftershow hosts Dan Levy and Jessi Cruickshank to discuss the upcoming episodes, their fashionable lives and what they’re wearing this spring.

Are you two as excited for the new eps as we are?

Jessi: Yeah! Dan: There’s not much that we know, though. Usually we’ve seen a couple of episodes and know what’s going on, but they’re really not giving us anything. Jessi: We’re going in starting from scratch like everybody else, which is really exciting.

What are you most interested in seeing, from what we know from the trailer?

Dan: Well, Lauren and Whitney go to Paris to work with the Crilleon Debutante Ball, which should be, I’m hoping, a funny situation. I think there may be a problem with them not being famous over there. I don’t think [Parisians] really care. I think it might be the first situation that Lauren’s been in outside of the States where no one thinks she’s a big deal. Just seeing how that plays out…I think a lot of the show at this point is based on the fact that she’s now a celebrity. Jessi: Then there’s the Brody Jenner twist. I think it will become more clear what they were before, because they were never together, they were just friends, but they were making out. I think Lauren’s reaction to Brody having a girlfriend will be very telling.

Lauren’s new roommate, Lo, recently said that Lauren should be dating former Laguna Beacher Stephen Colletti. Thoughts?

Dan: I think Lauren should find someone outside of The Hills and Laguna Beach. Jessi: I think if she were to stay in that realm, Stephen would be the best for her, but I agree, she needs someone new.

Enough about The Hills – let’s talk about you two! How has your style changed since becoming successful television hosts?

Dan: I always liked to dress up. I respect the fashion world. Jessi: You know, you’re on TV and you can do some weird things with clothes. They won’t necessarily look good, but I’m willing to take that risk and learn from it.

What are your favourite shopping destinations?

Jessi: We have an amazing seamstress here, so I now have the luxury of going to Kensington Market or 69 Vintage and finding something and having her tailor it. Dan: Marc by Marc Jacobs is the one place that I know, if I go, I will always find something. Might not be able to afford it, but I’ll be able to find something and like it. New York and London, I visit all the time and I think in terms of fashion, particularly men’s fashion, they are up there. I cannot be more vocal about the state of men’s fashion in Canada. Shawn Hewson and Ruth Promislow from Bustle, and Philip Sparks are both doing a great job at making Canadian men’s fashion a little more progressive and European.

What are you dying to pull out of the closet once spring finally gets here?

Jessi: Footwear. I don’t even have socks – I have six pairs of socks and I don’t want to buy more ’cause I think the snow is going to melt. I can’t wait to show my little feet, ’cause I have cute feet. I’m looking forward to gladiator sandals. I’ll definitely buy a couple of pairs of those. Dan: I’m really into a cropped pant for summertime. I’m not really into shorts, because I’ve always had the weird view that my legs are too hairy. Maybe you can judge? What do you think?

We think you’re OK. They’re manly!

Dan: ’Cause I think they can get really offensive. So, cropped or cuffed pants without socks, with really great low-top suede loafers.

OK, maybe one more Hills-related question! What are your opinions on the Spencer-directed Heidi Montag video?

Jessi: I think it was the least sexy thing I’ve ever seen in my life. I felt a lot of secondary embarrassment watching it. I don’t think I ever actually saw the entire thing. Dan: I’ve been thinking of a polite way to handle the situation. It’s just…If that’s what you’re going to release, then why release anything? “I’m just trying to make it” is what Heidi said. But that’s not the way to launch a career. It almost looks like the beginning of a sex tape.


Shown: The Hills After Show hosts Jessi Cruickshank and Dan Levy pose for a photo with Lauren Conrad of The Hills.

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