Peep Kristen Stewart’s first magazine cover since cheating on Robert Pattinson

Image via Little White Lies
Image via Little White Lies

Kristen Stewart’s cheating bombshell may have sent many a Twilight fan into the deep end, but over the past couple of weeks, it’s seemed that most of the scandal’s main players have been picking up the pieces and moving on: Robert Pattinson was looking dapper in Gucci at the New York City premiere of Cosmopolis, Liberty Ross has been seen out and about in Los Angeles looking all sorts of beautiful, Sanders managed to flash a grin or two to waiting paparazzo and now even Stewart has finally come out of hiding.

Though it’s not an actual photograph of her, the On the Road star landed an illustrated cover on the British glossy Little White Lies (could the name be any more fitting in the wake of the adulterous affair?), marking the first feature published of the actress post-scandal. Looks like it’s set to be a collector’s item too since the issue’s already sold out online.

Illustrated by Paul X Johnson, the cover shows Stewart as Marylou, her character in On the Road. Though the interview doesn’t delve into any of the really juicy stuff we would have hoped for (the scandal, obviously), Stewart does give one telling quote in it.

“I like to be scared. I love to suddenly feel out of control,” she told the magazine. She was referring to her acting method and not her scandal obviously, but a thrill-seeking trait would presumably lead someone to also do potentially dangerous things in other areas of their lives. What do you think of the cover: does it mark her return, or do you think the scandal has harmed her career?

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