The Trailer for Olaf’s Frozen Adventure is Here

The sequel to the mega Disney hit Frozen is officially happening. Well, eventually.

As you may recall, Frozen took the world by (snow)storm back in 2013 and people have been waiting for a follow-up film to happen ever since. While a feature film is not taking place just yet (Frozen 2 is set to debut in November 2019), our fave characters from the magical kingdom of Arendelle are reuniting for a hot second. Well, more like a 21-minute featurette, complete with four original new songs.

Josh Gad will take centre stage, reprising his role as the loveable, overly-enthusiastic snowman, Olaf, and judging from the official trailer, it looks like his character is set to help Anna and Elsa (played by Kristen Bell and Idina Menzel, respectively) look for their own holiday tradition as they will be celebrating a family milestone: their first holiday together as non-estranged princesses.

“People forget that the first movie took place in the middle of summer, so this is really the first holiday season after the girls have come together, but what they’re realizing is that because they were separated for so long, they don’t have any family traditions,” says chief creative officer for Disney and Pixar animation, John Lasseter, in an interview with EW. “So, Olaf is so sad about this that he decides to step out with Sven the reindeer to go around Arendelle to find the greatest family tradition for Anna and Elsa.”

Originally set to be an ABC TV special, Lasseter and the filmmakers changed their minds and thought it would be a waste to not feature this cinematic short film to debut on the big screen (and get the 3-D treatment). Honestly, we couldn’t be more relieved. Oh, but that’s not all the news. According to EW, the CCO assured Frozen fans that the reasons behind all these mini projects since the first film (read: Frozen Fever, Olaf’s Frozen Adventure, Frozen on Broadway) is because it all leads up to the big sequel in 2019.

“In Frozen, they dearly loved each other but were separated, and now they’re back together and never going to close the doors again. But now what? What are they going to do with their first birthday? That’s Frozen Fever. Now, they have their first holiday season together. [That’s Olaf’s Frozen Adventure.] And then what? We go from there, and it fits in perfectly with Frozen 2,” explains Lasseter in the EW interview. “All of these projects really lead to Frozen 2 and this new story we’re creating that’s all, in a weird way, connected in the life of Anna and Elsa. You could sit and watch Olaf’s Frozen Adventure and Frozen 2 as one big marathon.”

Olaf’s Frozen Adventure will debut before Pixar’s upcoming movie, Coco (a story about a young boy chasing his dreams of becoming a famous musician), on November 22, 2017, so mark your calendars.

Summer may have just kicked off, but we honestly can’t wait for the holiday season to roll in.

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