Michael Kors launches a new jealousy-inducing site to profile his employees style

Michael Kors amped up its online presence with the launch of “Living the Kors Life,” which debuted on its freshly redesigned digital content site, Destination Kors. “Living the Kors Life” is a digital series that profiles the lives and styles of women who work for and wear Michael Kors. “I have always loved seeing the way so many chic women with very different lives and styles wear my designs,” Kors said. “When I thought about how now, as a global brand, we could communicate an understanding of the scope of women who are ‘very Michael Kors,’ I took one look around my office and said, ‘let’s start right here!’”

The project debuted yesterday, and profiled Mississippi-sorority-girl-turned-PR-coordinator Savannah. The video takes us on a tour of Savannah’s impressive Kors collection, as she pulls stunning piece after stunning piece from her overflowing closet. With a collection of envy-inducing heels, bags and furs, we’re thinking the Kors employee discount must be pretty good. Our thoughts were confirmed when we browsed through the “Get the Look” section of Savannah’s profile, which redirects to the Michael Kors online store. It would be nice to have a closet full of blazers and sandals that creep into the thousands of dollars mark. Just saying.

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