Photography by Aaron P. Bernstein/Getty Images

Can Someone Please Explain Why Melania Trump Is Dressed Like Carmen Sandiego?!

Is she planning on making her great escape... or?

Melania Trump was photographed with the President and First Lady of France in an all-white ensemble today, as seen in the latest instalment of the “Donald Trump awkwardly tries to hold her hand” saga.

It has earned her comparisons to Beyoncé, Olivia Pope and Céline Dion, but we’d like to remind everyone of the original oversized-hat-and-belted-trench wearing superstar, Carmen Sandiego.

While I always found it strange that someone desperately trying to go unseen would wear so much red, the (comparably) subtle white makes more sense for Melania, who looks like she hopes the floor will open and swallow her whole. (Or like she’s planning a getaway to a far-off destination.) If she does run off though, we’d start the search at the nearest national monument, library or museum.