May 2016 horoscopes: Why this might just be the best month of the year

horoscopes 2016 march
horoscopes 2016 march

Sweet encounters–with friends or in love–are possible as Venus tours Taurus from May 1st-24th. This brings a dose of cosmic happiness and can help bring joy and new experiences. Women, beauty and the arts are highlighted, making May a great month to celebrate friendships, improve your love life or shop for a great bargain. May 10 looks especially fortunate, as Venus works with lucky Jupiter.

Pampering, pleasure or a five star experience are possible around the Taurus New Moon on May 6. This New Moon is the most sensual of the year and can bring new passion, as well as remind you of the importance of living the good life.

Get fired up about your big life dreams, especially those that involve study or travel, under the dynamic Sagittarius full moon and Mars pairing on May 21. Fireworks of all kinds are likely! Try to keep your cool while still being honest, upfront or direct about what want. Action can lead to fast paced progress then.

Illustrations by Stefanie Ayoub. Horoscopes by Kelly Surtees.



Expect improvements with cash flow or a boost to your income, especially around the Taurus New Moon on May 6. Money is highlighted but for all the right reasons – you’ve either got more of it or are ready to make a luxury purchase.

Discuss your salary, a raise or bonus around May 14, when power planet Pluto promises success at work and with money. A work offer that arrives on May 10 will be worth considering.

A sweet or romantic gesture may sweep you off your feet on May 9, when dreamy Neptune and Venus join forces. Spoil someone special or take a chance on love then.


You may be in the spotlight for all the right reasons, as the Sun and Venus tour Taurus. You’ve got a magnetic, charming quality then that will make you irresistible. If you want something – at work, in love or at home – ask for it.

Your love life sparkles as generous Jupiter brings romance, affection and a sensual encounter from May 9 – 14. You can meet someone new on Tinder or IRL then. Got an S/O? Plan a sweet seduction.

A night out with your closest friends may be better than expected on May 9, thanks to soulful Neptune helping everyone get in the party spirit.


Take a break, go on a retreat or plan a quiet weekend around May 6. You have the perfect New Moon, in Taurus, to rest, relax and unwind.

Your relationships with other people are in the spotlight under the dramatic Sagittarius Full Moon on May 21. You might be fired up about what you want, or ready to let someone close know how you really feel. Your love life may be hot, feisty or passionate then.

A major change with family or in your living situation can be finalized May 23 – 31. Be prepared to negotiate or compromise to get what you really want.


You may be popular thanks to a collection of planets in Taurus. You might post a picture on Instagram that trends, or have to juggle multiple parties in one night, especially in the first half of the month. Quality time with your friends will be top priority.

Love gets deep and intense as Pluto in Capricorn is triggered on May 7 and 14, which are ideal dates for romance. A powerful person may be hard to resist or you may take the next step with your S/O.

Study plans can come together in late May, especially if you’re flexible about how to manage work while you learn.


Success in your career may arrive, or you may receive positive press for an achievement. You’ll be riding high and can enjoy time in the limelight, especially around May 3 and 10.

Splurge on new clothes for work, update your resume or refresh your online profiles while Venus is in Taurus until May 24. A polished new image can help you make a striking impression.

A new strategy around dating can help you enjoy the good life without blowing your budget. Consider an outdoorsy date or cook a meal together rather than spending a fortune on heading out, especially in the last week of the month.


Book a weekend away under the Taurus New Moon on May 6 or take time to plan your next holiday then. A dream to work or study internationally, or travel for work, may come together around May 3 and May 10.

A dream date may give you hope for the future in the first half of the month, and a romantic risk you take can pay off then. Be generous with your S/O or a new date.

Don’t delay making a decision about your living situation under the Sagittarius Full Moon on May 21. An intuitive choice can turn out for the best then.


You might finally get a cash, debt or tax situation sorted under the stabilizing Taurus New Moon on May 6. If you need to renegotiate a money matter, you have Venus helping you create a winning compromise until May 24.

Inspiration to make your home or living space more beautiful may arrive on May 7 and 14. De-clutter, especially old clothes, and add pretty touches like flowers or art for good energy.

A weekend escape under the Sagittarius Full Moon on May 21 will be the perfect way to unwind and rejuvenate. Sweet talk an invite from a friend with a cottage, or plan a day trip outside the city.


You may be a social butterfly or busy juggling after hours work events, a fundraiser and time with your friends. Your star is on the rise and you will meet lots of well-connected people this month. Dress to impress.

The Taurus New Moon on May 6 can bring a breakthrough in love as a new relationship cycle begins. Ditch baggage or pain from the past and refocus on new possibilities. Your efforts on Tinder can lead to a potentially long term connection. Already attached? New commitment with your S/O is possible.

If you’re worried about cash at the end of the month, having a plan will help you stay on track.


New insights about future plans are likely under the magical Sagittarius full moon on May 21. Plan to visit your favourite place, or spend time with people you love. New motivation for a health, wellness or fitness goal may prompt you to get back into training or eating well too.

Exciting news about a professional project or new job may arrive on May 3 or 10 thanks to lucky Jupiter in Virgo. Think big as a major work dream is within reach.

Relationships with your co-workers may improve, or you may offer timely support to a colleague while Venus tours Taurus until May 24.


Get playful! A collection of planets in Taurus promises fun, relaxation and even romance. Make more time to do what you love, whether that’s book tickets to a show, visit a museum, dine out at your favourite restaurant or pamper yourself at the spa.

Happiness or progress about a pet project is possible on May 7 and 14 when Pluto in Capricorn is activated. You’ll be empowered and ready to let others know what you want – in life, love and at work. You may transform your style and appearance, update your attitude and beliefs or finally replace a bad habit with something good.


Your home is your castle so make it as calm, comfortable and soothing as possible. The New Moon in Taurus on May 6 can inspire you to add beauty and little luxuries to your home. Splurge on new sheets, cushions or towels, and gorgeous décor for the new season.

Between Tinder and local events you may be busier than usual around the Sagittarius Full Moon on May 21. You’ll be popular and in demand then and may have to choose between a date and time with your friends. In addition, a new month long dating and relationship cycle begins May 20 when the Sun enters Gemini.


A secret dream to write, teach or study something new can move forward. A presentation or pitch you give in the first two weeks of May can be well received. You’re at the top of your game when it comes to communication and may attract new followers on social media.

A special relationship may blossom on May 3 and May 10. Plan for the future with your S/O then, especially if you hope to travel together. Single? Someone you meet through a friend IRL on May 7 or 14 will be worth getting to know.

Neptune may inspire you to splurge on new jewellery and accessories on May 9 so shop up a storm then.

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