ICYMI: Mariah Carey’s Unbelievable New Year’s Performance

You might be waking up right now with a slight (read: major) hangover, wondering if you imagined Mariah Carey’s jaw-droppingly flawed performance. This just in: You didn’t imagine it, and the internet is making sure nobody forgets it.

During the performance, Mariah reportedly couldn’t hear the backup vocals so she mouthed the words and did her best, but it was as though she was singing words to a different song at all times. As disaster ensued, she began to have a bit more fun with it, telling the crowd “We didn’t have a sound check” and “Well, Happy New Year! We can’t hear, but I’ll just get through the moment.” Though she fumbled around and eventually just removed her ear piece, the audience didn’t seem to mind because, well, she’s Mariah. At the end of the night, she showed her sense of humour about the mishap via this Tweet. When you really think about it, though, after the year that 2016 has been, the performance couldn’t have been more fitting.