March 2016 horoscopes: How to get through Pisces season without crying all over the place

horoscopes 2016 march
horoscopes 2016 march

Two eclipses promise change, and can help you spring-clean life. The Pisces new moon eclipse on March 8 is about letting go of the past, releasing toxic baggage and find new meaning or purpose. The Libra full moon eclipse on March 23 highlights a future opportunity, and can bring an invitation to get out of your comfort zone, especially with dating and in relationships.

Your focus can help you move mountains, especially as Jupiter and Pluto join forces March 16 and 17. If you have a specific goal in mind, get obsessed to make it happen. It’s possible to breakthrough a barrier or fast track progress then, especially in your career or around a health and fitness goal.

All four mutable signs – Gemini, Virgo, Sagittarius and Pisces – are particularly energized. If that’s you, prepare to make a big change or authentic choice this March.

Illustrations by Stefanie Ayoub. Horoscopes by Kelly Surtees.



Splurge on a day at your favourite spa, or book a relaxing weekend getaway. The Pisces new moon eclipse, on March 8, can remind you of the importance of down time. Fashion wise; treat yourself to new lingerie or sleepwear.

You may feel like you come out of your shell or feel inspired once the Sun enters Aries on March 20. This Equinox influence can bring better balance to life, especially if you have personal project to focus on.

As Jupiter and Pluto work together on March 16 – 17, you can be a powerhouse at work. Attention to detail or obsession with delivering on time can lead to a rewarding assignment.


Want a new job? Network for an exciting opportunity while Venus is in Pisces from March 12. A friend may provide a great referral or introduce you to an influential career contact. You’ll also be popular and have loads of events to attend.

The dramatic Pisces eclipse, on March 8, can help you refocus on your true friends, and cut contact with anyone you’ve outgrown.

Lucky Jupiter in Virgo helps you create romantic happiness. A hook up or relationship may get intense or steamy as Jupiter ad Pluto link around March 16. Mid-month can bring a hot encounter, especially if you’re travelling or are interested in a sexy foreigner.


A breakthrough in your career is possible under the powerful Pisces eclipse, on March 8. You might be considered for a creative or high profile position, or decide to strike out in a new direction.

Your love life may sparkle under the sweet Full Moon eclipse in Libra, on March 23. You can get what you want from someone special then, so take charge to move forward in love or with dating.

Splurge on new clothes for work. With Venus in Pisces, from March 12 – April 5, you’re ready to revamp your professional image. Update your social media profiles or join Linked In.


You might be restless with routines or responsibilities. If so, visit your favourite travel website to plan an exciting adventure. Downtime is important so head to a friend’s cottage or escape to a warm climate if you can.

New motivation to get healthy and fit arrives when Mars enters Sagittarius on March 6. Sign up for a workout class or treat yourself to a session with a trainer. Work wise, you may look for a new job, or take on a leadership role at work.

Got an S/O? Pluto encourages togetherness and passion on March 6, 14 and 25. Single? Time on tinder can lead to a hot date then.


If you’ve got a credit card or loan to pay off, your efforts this month can make a huge difference. Take on extra hours at work if need be, or chat to a friend and mentor about the best strategy for your situation. Under the Pisces eclipse on March 8, you can find new freedom with money. A powerful angle between Jupiter and Pluto can boost your income, or lead to a windfall or bonus around March 16.

You might be more adventurous in love and dating thanks to Mars in Sagittarius. It might seem bossy, but taking charge or asking for what you want is sexy. Single? Look twice at that sporty or successful crush.


Friends might be jealous of how popular you are, or how successful your time on Tinder is. Your love life can be magical, thanks to Venus in Pisces, especially March 26. If a relationship has been stressful, expect calm, clarity and to make a clear choice for the future under the intense Pisces eclipse on March 8. It’ll also help you let go of any relationship baggage.

Got a secret creative hobby or pet project you want to explore? Make time to do what you want mid-month. As Jupiter and Pluto work together, new happiness is possible, especially when you follow your own dreams.


You’ll be in the spotlight under the Libra Full Moon eclipse on March 23. Use the extra attention to push for a better deal at work, or create what you want in a dating situation. Your powers of persuasion are potent.

A fresh start in your beauty, wellness or work routines is possible with Venus in Pisces. Splurge on new beauty products or improve your eating habits.

New information about a study opportunity may arrive. Mars in Sagittarius can help you get back on track with a learning goal, whether you want to go to university or have training to complete for work.


A decision you make about money can pay off, as Mars in Sagittarius, from March 6, gives you confidence with cash. You might start a side business, or boldly discuss your pay with your boss.

If you have an S/O, plan to spoil them with lots of romantic dates or a thoughtful gift, especially March 20. Single or dating? A breakthrough with someone artistic or hard to pin down is possible under the Pisces New Moon eclipse on March 8. Progress in love – whatever your status – is possible for two weeks after the eclipse.

A presentation, pitch or study submission you make mid-month can lead to a prestigious offer. Negotiate hard for what you want March 16 – 17.


A golden career opportunity may be hard to refuse as Jupiter and Pluto work together March 16 – 17. Even if it will mean a dramatic change, it’ll be worth pursuing.

You may be a hit on Instagram or make a splash on social media thanks to the Libra Full Moon eclipse on March 23. Your networks can expand, or you may attract new followers, especially if you have a career success or decorating hack to share.

Witty banter or a cheeky comment can help spice up your love life thanks to Mercury in Aries from March 21. The end of the month can bring unexpected but welcome affection or fast paced progress with someone new.


Channel any urge to impulse shop on March 2 towards a jewellery or home décor purchase. You’ve got huge power and influence this month and will want to look your best.

A change in circumstances can help you move forward with travel or study plans on March 16 – 17. An intense combination between Jupiter and Pluto may inspire you to make a dramatic or totally authentic choice. If you long to study, spend time overseas or move to a new location, explore your options mid-month.

Time with friends may be more important than dating, tinder or a relationship. Opt for movie nights, a regular drink with your BFF or grab tickets to a live show.


Your IRL friends may come first with Mars in Sagittarius from March 6. Forget trying to attract attention online and instead spend time with your closest confidants. A day out shopping or getting pampered together can boost your spirits, especially March 31.

You may be all about money with a collection of planets in Pisces. Push for a promotion, discuss new perks at work or look for a new or second job. You’ll have more than one offer to consider.

Include a shopping allowance in your budget. Once Venus enters Pisces on March 12 you’ll want to update your beauty products, or treat yourself to a new handbag or pair of shoes.


A big commitment with your S/O is possible March 16, as Jupiter and Pluto help you plan for the future. You might move out together, book a couple’s holiday or even discuss marriage or children. It’s all very grown up! Single? You’ll be playful and in the mood for romance, especially March 20 and 25.

Pampering and luxury are highlighted with Venus in Pisces from March 12. Splurge on a five star experience, or treat yourself to a special indulgence. You’ll want to put yourself first.

Mars in Sagittarius, starting March 6 for three months, helps you move forward in your career. Take a leap of faith and go after the job you really want.

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