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You Won’t Believe What One Actor Said to Lisa Kudrow on the Friends Set

Who could it be?

There’s no doubt we’re still very obsessed with Friends. The cast, the fashion, the relatable quotes—what’s not to love? But cast members aside, you have to admit, the amazing cameo appearances made each episodes. From Bruce Willis to Reese Witherspoon to Julia Roberts, the 10-season sitcom was pure gold.

However, on a recent episode of Watch What Happens Live with Andy Cohen, Lisa Kudrow revealed that not all the guest stars were as nice as we thought. During the question-answer section of the show, a fan called in to ask which guest had the worst behaviour on set.

“The worst behaviour just off the top of my head…” begins Kudrow. “I rehearsed without makeup most of the week and then on show night, I’m in hair and makeup, and was told ‘Oh wow … Now you’re f**kable!”


That answer not only brought upon a dramatic gasp from the audience but from the host as well. Jennifer Beals, the other guest on the show, couldn’t help but ask if she had ever retaliated.

“I told Matt LeBlanc,” replied a giggling Kudrow. “He’s like a big brother.” While that is super sweet, let’s just say the former Friends star does not forget.

While Kudrow was keeping mum about the name of the guest actor/actress, Cohen (like many of us) wasn’t ready to let it go. Later on in the show, while the host revealed a rumour that Elle Macpherson regretted being on the show (what?!?), he nonchalantly slipped in and asked if it was Charlie Sheen who was the most “memorable” guest, before the actress answered with a simple “no.” You can’t blame him for trying. Honestly, how can you reveal a Friends fact like that and not say who it is? With over a hundred actors and actresses making memorable cameo appearances on the hit sitcom, we don’t even know where to begin guessing. But it looks like Kudrow won’t be revealing the name anytime soon.

Who do you think is on Kudrow’s bad-behaviour list? Watch the below clip and tweet us your guesses @FASHIONCanada.

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